Search engines are flooded with shocking and controversial news. Yes, we are talking about 143 dead people in Russia’s Terror Attack. All the gunmen are arrested as the news reports are coming out. As we know this news is circulating on the web like a fire. This is not the first time that an incident happened like this. This kind of incident has happened many times. People are continuously searching for the news. What is the entire matter? What is the actual reason behind the news? Here are some points, which can clear some queries of many people. Let’s continue the article.

Who Are Involved In The Moscow Terror Attacks?

A statement came out from Russia on Saturday and 11 people including four suspected gunmen in connection with the case of the shocking shooting rampage that killed around 143 people in a concert hall near Moscow, the deadliest attack in Russia for 20 years. The security agency has mentioned that the attackers had connections in the country Ukraine and were driving to the border. When this attack happened the criminals tried to cross the Russian-Ukrainian border and had appropriate contacts on the Ukrainian side,” this news has been mentioned by FSB.


What Are The Steps For Russia’s Terror Attack?

The presidency of Ukraine mentioned that Kyiv had “nothing to do” with this shocking attack but on the other hand, its military intelligence mentioned the incident as a Russian “provocation” and charged that Moscow special services were behind it. If we talk about the Islamic State groups they claim that the attack, saying its fighters attacked “a big amount of gathering” on Moscow’s outskirts and “retreated to their bases safely. To condemn the attack the European Union, France, Italy, Spain, and joined many countries. After midnight the emergency ministry mentioned that the fire had been holding.

What are the Reviews Of Countries?

The report came out that the embassy had mentioned two weeks before when this happened and there was a high chance of risk of “extremists” targeting mass gatherings in Moscow, including the concerts. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi also came out with his words and he condemned the terror attack in Moscow. He shows his concern for the families of the dead people. He shared his prayers and concerns with the families. This attack has broken many people’s hearts and created a buzz. Most of the countries are sharing their thoughts after hearing this news. Be connected with us for the trending news.

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