Shiladitya Chetia dies by suicide

Assam: IPS officer Shiladitya Chetia dies by suicide minutes after his wife’s death due to cancer
A piece of shocking news came out and made the buzz. This news has raised several questions in the minds of the people. Assam’s IPS officer Shiladitya Chetia died by suicide and after a few minutes, his wife also lost her life because of cancer. If we take a look at the news so let us tell you about Shiladitya Chetia, who is the senior Indian Police service officer, and who is serving as the home and political department’s secretary in the Assam government. He lost his life shocking and devastedly.

Why Has Shiladitya Cheti Attempted Suicide?

According to the report, the officer passed away on Tuesday. Based on the report, he took extreme steps soon after he got to know about his wife’s demise in the hospital. The reports are saying that his wife lost his life because of the cancer. The Director General of Police, GP Singh, Assam, informed the masses about the officer’s demise. He mentioned that he had lost his life after his wife’s passing. Many people have goosebumps after hearing this devastating news. Scroll down the page to get more details about the news.

What Happened to Cheti’s Wife?

The reports say that she was battling for a long time. The entire Assam police department is showing their grief to the news. This news shows the love of a husband for his wife. However, it is not right whatever he has done. The whole family is in grief and facing a tragic time. According to the Assam Tribune, he was on leave for the past four months and he dealt with the tough time and cared for his wife. He was rushed to the hospital but he was announced dead. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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