We are here to share the news with you about the recent case. This case has made people shocked and devastated. Those people hearing the news they are shocked and devastated. Yes, we are talking about the body of a 34-year-old man, who was found inside a parked car in Delhi’s Nehru Place area. This incident came out on Thursday, according to the officials. The official mentioned the initial probe disclosed that the man committed suicide. Yes, some people are saying that the man has attempted suicide. This case was found to be a suicide case.

Who is Deceased?

If we talk about the vehicle so let us tell you the vehicle did not catch fire. He suffered nasal bleeding because of the hypoxia stress and asphyxiated to death if we came to the identity of the dead person so let us tell you he identified as Dhruv Mahajan, a resident of the Dayanand colony in the Lajpat Nagar area. If we take a look deep down so let us tell you Deputy Commissioner of Police, whose name is Rajesh Deo. He mentioned 9:40 am. on Thursday. He mentioned that the body was found with blood splattered around it, and was lying inside a parked car.

Is This Suicide?

The DCP mentioned that there was a strong smell of petrol inside the car. The hair of the deceased had fully signed, and not only this the steering wheel with burn injuries on the face, thigh, and both hands,” mentioned the DCP. Another notable thing was also found out there, it was a crushed water bottle and used matchsticks. After that area, CCTV was there. A deceased had come to the spot in his car around 3:30 about seven minutes later. The car was found with a huge. We have tried our whole report whatever we found in our research.

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