Jesus Hernandez Alcocer Cause of Death

We’d like to share some big news with you. Jesus Hernandez Alcocer is accused of murdering his wife. Yrma Lydya, Jesus Hernandez Alcocer’s wife. Yrma Lydya was a musician who died in Mexico City’s North Prison, according to journalist Joaquin Lopez’s Twitter handle.

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Based on the story, the 79-year-old lawyer has been accused of femicide after allegedly killing his wife(21) inside the Suntory restaurant in the Dal Valle neighborhood of Benito mayor’s department Juarez.

According to the article, Hernandez Alcocer was scheduled to stand trial that same month for his suspected role in the death of Yama Lydya, for which he was placed in preventive detention despite his security filing an appeal to the demand for house arrest. You’ve come to the perfect place to obtain the latest news.

Yrma, Lydya Gamboa Case

Judge Jeventino Gonzalez Ocote, based on what we know, refused it and imposed 4 months of detention for the additional inquiry. Alcocer was sent to a hospital in Tioman in Gustavo A, Madero mayor’s office, on September 12th, after feeling ill.

They had provided him a regular health check in the hospital, and he returned to the prison 2 days later. This information has been widely disseminated on several social media platforms. Additional details about the incident may be found by scrolling down the page.

According to the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC), the now deceased claimed this morning that he wasn’t not feeling well and that he used to have some health difficulties, so he was transferred to the North Prison healthcare center at about 10:45 a.m. and was identified with vital signs.

The unit reported that it, like other convicts, had access to a public cellphone located in the beds during acceptable hours. We have given all of the data that we have, and if we get any extra details, we will discuss them with you as quickly as possible. Stay tuned to Alltrendyposts for more information.

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