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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th February 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Episode starts with Abhi saying I am happy. Ruhi asks for a gift. Abhi gets a special gift for her. She loves the cuckoo clock. He thinks about Aksha. He says I got candy for everyone and it is jam. Ruhi says wow jam this is my favourite. She eats it and says, wow, it tastes so different. She makes Manjiri eat jam. Aarohi says I will try too. Jam is tasted and everyone likes it. Anand asks where did it come from. Ruhi asks for another bottle of jam. Aarohi says enough is enough for today. The bottle falls. Ruhi is sad. Abhi says we will clean it. Aarohi gets a call from the hospital. Abhi says I will go. She says no, you stay at home. She is leaving. Ruhi demands jam. Abhi says I am not talking to them. Ruhi asks why not, take the jam. He says we don’t get what we want, we only get what is ours, don’t be adamant, we will learn this lesson, we will play now. Manjiri thinks why he looks so happy. Mahima is calling. She asks what.

Abhir says listen to me carefully. He talks about Goyenko’s family. Neela says Muskaan has given up Ambala post, she wants big opportunities in big city, I am tensed to send her so far. She asks Aksha to tell Muskaan not to go to Udaipur. Muskaan says I have big dreams, I have to fulfill my dreams. Abhir says fine, Nanu told me there is magic in Udaipur. Akshu says yes. Abhinav looks at her. Neela is worried about Muskaan. She asks Aksha to stop Muskaan.

Akshu says she will stay happy there, don’t worry, she needs to make a name for herself. she supports Muskaan. Abhir says I would like to go there too and meet everyone. Abhinav asks are you saying yes under any pressure. Akshu says yes, it is about Muskaan, it is the best choice for her. He is asking you. She says I can’t stop Muskaan because of my past. Akshu thinks that Abhir should never meet Abhi. Abhi checks on Aarohi and asks what happened to her. Rohan says the CT scan is faulty, Aarohi got electrocuted. Manjiri cries and teaches Ruhi how to play Tanpur. Ruhi asks her not to cry. Nothing asks her to learn. Mahima asks Aarohi to breathe. Anand says we have to make her conscious first. Kairav ​​comes to meet Ruhi. He asks are you not ready. Ruhi says no, Aarohi went to hospital. Manjiri says yes, she told me, Ruhi is also happy. Asks if everything is fine, if there are any problems. She says no why. He doesn’t say anything. He takes Ruhi. He asks why the elders are behaving strangely. Ruhi says I don’t know, Aarohi went to hospital, then everyone went away, Manjiri started crying. Kairav ​​gets worried and thinks why did Aarohi go alone.

Anand says it is a high voltage shock, she can be paralyzed. Parth recalls the staff call. He is worried. Mahima goes to Parth. Abhi asks Aarohi to fight it for Ruhi. Mahima asks what happened to you. Parth says I got a call about machines malfunctioning, I thought I will check it tomorrow. Mahima scolds him.

He asks what now. She says: shut up, don’t tell anyone, send that person to me, I’ll talk to him. Abhi says we can’t ignore this big mistake, we have to find out, Rohan will tell me details. Rohan says Aarohi switched on the machine and got a shock. Abhi asks how is it possible if someone sees the car maintenance. Anand says yes find this man we will put him in front of the board. Mahima says this person is standing in front of the board, it was my responsibility and I failed, Aarohi got hurt because of it, I am so sorry. Abhi says you are a senior doctor, Aarohi is in this condition because of your stupid mistake, we didn’t expect this from you. Kairav ​​hears this and shouts, I knew it. Abhi says calm down, this is a hospital. Kairav ​​blames her. Abhi argues with him.

Abhi says we can protect family, we can’t change fate. Kairav ​​is angry. Abhi says tell me clearly. Kairav ​​says your whole family is a liar, no one told me that Aarohi is in this condition. Abhi says she will be in this condition, if you create drama here, let doctors do their work. Kairav ​​stops him from treating Aarohi. He says I will take her to another hospital, I don’t trust doctors, machines, or you, you are all frauds. Abhi says worry but don’t talk nonsense. Kairav ​​says you are not doing anything, I don’t believe you. Abhi says I don’t care, I am a doctor now, I am a good doctor, no one can accept my patient. Kairav ​​says that the family decides for the patient. He says that I am also her family. Kairav ​​says I am her brother, I am her family, what is your relationship with her. Abhi talks about the doctor-patient relationship. Ruhi comes and asks why are you fighting. Kairav ​​says I asked you to get in the car, why did you come. Ruhi goes to them. Abhi is worried.

Abhi says Ruhi is worried about her mom, her mom is in hospital, please make jam for Ruhi. Akshu hears this and says I will go to Udaipur and see my sister.

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