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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd February 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

The episode starts with Rohan taking Abhi to the hospital. Abhi says I don’t know how people get love, I didn’t even get forgiveness, help me sleep else I will die. Rohan gives him an injection. Abhi says increase the dose, why am I not sleeping? He falls asleep. Rohan is sad. He leaves. Abhi talks in his sleep. He says I will always love you, our relationship broke, we broke up, I did a mistake by telling you wrong things Aksha. He cries and says that if you forgive me, then I would move on, I want your forgiveness.

Rohan checks Manjiri and Aarohi’s missed calls. Aarohi calls him. Rohan says its me Rohan. Manjiri asks where is Abhi. Rohan says he is here for an urgent surgery. Aarohi thinks there is no such surgery or Rohan is lying. Rohan says I have to go. He ends the call. Ruhi asks if he doesn’t love me. Manjiri says no, it will be urgent for him, he loves you the most. Manjiri is worried and believes that this is not the reason. Rohan comes and keeps the phone there. He is leaving. Abhi wakes up and says sorry, a grieving patient shouldn’t keep memories, I will go ahead, I will try. He thinks to call Aksha. He says now she is not mine, I can’t call her, I have no right to her, but I have to apologize. He texts Aksh… I need to talk he’s a freak please… The phone goes off before he can send the message. He is looking for a charger. He stumbles. Rohan comes and holds him. He asks how did you get up after the big dose, I wish I could help you. Abhi says you helped me, I lost my senses. Rohan says you are the best surgeon, you think logically, relax a little please. Abhi says yes, this is not suitable for me, did you hear anything? Rohan says no, I would just say I didn’t hear anything. Abhi says the family will think of something. Rohan says sorry, I had to take the call and lie to Manjira. Abhinav shows the muffler to Neela. She says this is a big deal, why did you call me at this time to say this. He says I was happy so I called you. She says I have seen many families but not like yours, you both are walking together, get together now, family is real, love must be real, shall I go to sleep? He says yes thanks. He hugs her. She is leaving. Abhinav smiles. Akshu calls him. He says he is leaving.

Abhi comes home and sees Manjiri. She hugs him. He is crying. Aarohi looks on. Akshu keeps Abhi’s gifts in the donation box. Abhinav becomes happy and talks to his inner self.

Muskaan comes and teases him. She asks him to confess his love for Aksha. He gets angry and scolds her. She says I am not a coward like me, when I fall in love I confess it. It speaks of your confidence. She says I believe in love, I am sure you will get love and even I will get it, all you need… Kairav ​​says it is love… this stupid card… Manish takes the card. They argue. Kairav ​​says you are really thinking about it, all you need is love, you are trying to impress Suvarna. Manish asks is it a fad or time to change, love is love. Kairav ​​says there is nothing like love. Manish says I wish you to fall in love, meet a girl who believes in love, who reads love stories. Kairav ​​says it is impossible. Manish says this is life, anything can happen, who knows, you will tell me that life needs love. Kairav ​​says magicians show magic at children’s birthday, it’s nothing, everyone is shocked until they understand, wow, it’s amazing when a person understands, it feels like someone has tricked you, love is that magician magician, I have no place for a cheater in my life He is leaving.

Abhi sees Aarohi in the hospital. Rohan says she got electrocuted. Akshu thinks of going to Udaipur and seeing Aarohi.

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