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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th February 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Episode starts with Abhir and Ruhi saying sorry but who is he/she. Akshu and Aarohi say you are siblings. Abhir and Ruhi ask if we are cousins. Akshu says she is your sister. Aarohi says he is your brother. Children shake hands. Abhi and Abhinav enter the house. Abhi sees Aksha. Abhir says dad. Ruhi says to Poppy. Aksha sees Abhi. Jaaniye…plays…

Abhir says doctor. Menish and everyone are confused. Parth says he is Akshu’s new husband. Mahima says even I am surprised, I thought he is someone better than Abhi but he… Abhir runs and hugs Abhi. Goenkas and Birlas look on in amazement. Abhir asks are you related to me, what is our exact relation. Yeh Rishta kya….plays… Abhinav sees Aksha. Abhir says “Dad, I am glad to meet the doctor, we also look alike”. Ruhi hugs Abhi. She asks have you met this guy before. Abhi says yes, I met him in Kasauli. Abhinav sees Manjiri and greets her. She says thanks again for that day. He congratulates her. Manish asks what is happening, who met whom, who knows whom, tell me. Abhinav says we went to temple that day. He tells everything. Manish and Akshu thank Manjira. Manish says we thought new doors will open for relationship, destiny has already opened many windows. Dadi says family comes to the rescue at such times. Abhi thinks Junior came home that day. Abhir says we are one family. Manish says yes it is a relationship. Aksha introduces Abhinav to Birlas. Abhinav says it looks very good. Mahima asks what are you doing. Abhinav says he is driving. Mahima asks profession. Abhinav says this is my profession, I have three cars, I drive one and I kept drivers for two, sometimes I come to Himalayas. Parth says you are a guide driver. Abhinav says yes. Abhir says my mom works a lot, making jams and selling. Anand says that this is a hardworking and happy family. Ruhi asks if she is cooking aunty. Abhi says yes. Ruhi says I really liked the jam. Mahima and Parth play pranks on Abhinav. Shefali says that if he is a driver, he respects his wife and makes her happy, he has all the qualities that rich men don’t have.

Abhir and Ruhi hug Dadi. Dadi smiles. Manish says what elders don’t understand… Anand says kids explain to us. Shefali says it’s time for gifts. Akshu goes to fetch water. Abhi also comes there and takes medicine. Manjiri looks at him. Manish says thank god everything is fine. Dadi says they have met before, they are fine now. Suvarna says that life has forced them to move on. Dadi says everything will be fine. Kairav ​​says you think everything is fine, everyone is feeling awkward. He warns them.

Manish scolds him. Dadi says if I die, you would still ask them not to call Aksh and Abhir. Manish takes Dadi away. Suvarna says to Kairav, everything will be fine, focus on the party, make the party memorable, go. Abhi sees Aksha. They greet each other. She is leaving. Manjiri looks on. She cries and says no. Shefali asks what happened. Manjiri says Akshu is happy with her family, but Abhi can’t go further, I have to pull his hand away, I decided to bring happiness in his life, he agreed to marry Aarohi, everyone should know this. Shefali asks how, it will be good to tell everyone. Abhir and Ruhi fight over the cupcake and Abhi. Abhinav comes and settles their fight. He asks them to share things. Shefali comes to Aksh and hugs him. She says I missed you a lot. Akshu says I missed you too, is everything fine. Shefali says yes. Aksha asks how is Shivansh. Shefali says that he has grown up, he is in a hostel. Shefali says nothing. Akshu says I am very happy. Shefali sees Manjiri tense up. Kairav ​​says we came to celebrate Dadi’s birthday. Dadi says he is 16 years old. Everyone is smiling. Kairav ​​says she is 16 years old. He says Dadi has some wishes, you have to fulfill them, she will choose two people, they have to give an outstanding performance. He gives the lasers and tells her to close her eyes and aim the lasers at two people at random. Abhinav asks Manish to get ready. Manish says yes. Manjiri is worried and thinks that Abhi and Akshu should not come. Dadi puts lasers on Abhi and Aksha. They worry.

Abhi and Abhir dance. Manjiri says Abhi and Aarohi decided for their Ruhi. Everyone is in shock.

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