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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th March 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Episode starts with Ruhi saying that marriage won’t happen without engagement, you fooled me. Abhi says no. She says you broke your promise, you don’t want to be my dad. Aarohi scolds her. Shefali and Abhi ask her to calm down, Ruhi gets scared. Aarohi says please don’t teach me to talk to my daughter. Surekha says I think the engagement is canceled so they said it was postponed. Kairav ​​is coming. Dadi says Aarohi took this decision well, why did she give up now. Manish says I don’t understand. Kairav ​​says Abhi was doing drama. Surekha says Aarohi has guts to refuse, she has done good, how can she get engaged to a person who thinks about her sister. Suvarna says maybe she is not sure and asks time. Dadi asks Surekha to shut up. Manjiri says not to scold Ruhi. Ruhi says I don’t want to go to school. Aarohi says you have to attend art class, go to your room. She asks the servants to remove the decoration. She goes to the hospital. Manjiri says you broke Ruhi’s heart, what will I say now, her tears didn’t melt your heart, my tears can’t do anything. Abhi says respect is hell. She asks what about Ruhi, how will you explain her. She says if this decision breaks her heart then I will never forgive you. She is leaving. Manish says we all miss you Abhir. Abhir says I miss everyone. They all talk to Abhir. Abhir says I asked you to stop me, you disobeyed, mom was supposed to come soon. Manish says don’t be angry with mom. Abhir asks can I get upset with dad, he has changed after coming here. Surekha says so much has happened, he will change. Aksha is looking for Abhir. Manish asks if everything is fine. Abhir says dad is not happy, now he is not kidding. Abhinav comes and says I came back and I was spoiled, I didn’t want to come back. Akshu comes. Manish says great.

Abhinav says Abhir called his friend. Akshu asks how are you all. Manish says fine. Surekha says everything is fine, Aarohi will be almost fine. Aksha asks almost well? What happened. Surekha says wouldn’t you know it, Abhi and Aarohi’s engagement didn’t happen, she needs time to think, that’s why they postponed, I think this relationship won’t happen. Abhinav asks what happened. She says they know it. Manish says everything is fine, it is a big decision and they need time, Abhi is also not well. He says Surekha, you did wrong. He gets worried and says Abhinav and Abhir’s words didn’t know that everything is fine, I am worried it might create a storm in my daughters life. Abhir asks if doctor and Maasi will get married. Akshu says it will happen later. He asks when. She asks him to go study. Abhinav thinks. Akshu says we should not worry about them. Abhir says you shut up again, you are not the same anymore, lying is bad, tell me what happened. Akshu asks him to go study. Abhinav says I am late, I will go now. She asks do you want me to boil you, come eat. Diesel says… I don’t want to eat. She gives him a plate of food and asks him to finish it. Abhir jokes that the stove is hot today. She says to finish eating. Abhinav says I will take it, you study, don’t worry. She says that I have been taking the exam since yesterday, but there is no result. She takes the knife and her finger gets cut. Abhir and Abhinav are worried. Abhi helps the man’s thumb. He says it’s simple, but damn, you’ve seen it. Aarohi tells Abhi about the patient’s case. Abhi suggests CT. He says I understand why you are wasting time, I have not proved my promise, I want to prove it with my actions, I am not lying, even if you change your mind, I will not change it, you will get same respect in our family, I hope that when you decide to get engaged, you will trust me. She says I hope that day will come but not today, till then I can’t keep this chain with me. He mentions the chain. Shefali calls him. She is crying. He asks why are you crying, tell me where are you. The call is disconnected. He calls back. He calls Parth and says that Shefali is not well. Parth asks are you out of your mind, she is fine and she is at home. Abhi returns home. Shefali is doing makeup. He asks are you ok? She says yes, you are a doctor, you tell me. He says you cried during the call. She thinks I got weak and called you, I’m sorry I can’t tell you that. He asks who shouted at you. She lies to him about a scene from a movie. She says I missed Shiva and may have called by mistake, sorry. He says I got scared. She says thanks, even my brother wouldn’t worry about me. He hears Ruhi and Aarohi and leaves.

Aksha asks Abhir to go to the room and play games on her phone. Abhir says no. Abhinav says its fine just go. He makes a bandage. Akshu says I can’t move my thumb. He asks how you will pass the exam. She says I have prepared a lot, my work will go in vain. He says everything will be fine. She says I can’t hold a pen.

He asks her to take the pen in her left hand and try it. He encourages her. She tries to write. He holds her hand and forces her to write. He says write slowly. She asks, but what. He calls your name. She writes AB. He says B doesn’t come from your name. She says it is on your behalf. He asks if you write your name. She says no, it is long, so I wrote Abhir’s name. They laugh. He says that you won’t succeed in a day, tomorrow you will have an exam. She asks, but how.

Shefali says if it wasn’t for my child, I wouldn’t have stayed with you. Parth slaps her. She falls. Abhi sees this and asks how dare you raise your hand on her. Akshu comes to the police station. The inspector asks her to get evidence. She says I will get evidence and release my husband, he will not suffer in the detention center.

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