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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th March 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Episode starts with Akshu saying sorry I think your definition of love is wrong before you marry my sister think about love bye Abhi. She is leaving. Abhinav is waiting for her. Akshu comes down. Abhinav is crying. She runs to him and hugs him. He hugs her and is impressed. Abhi sits in the temple and remembers his words. Abhinav cries and smiles. Abhir sees them and says oh ok you both are also hugging I didn’t see before. Akshu walks away and says sit quietly. She says Abhinav we will go home. He smiles and nods. They leave by car.

Abhi comes down. He goes the other way. He mentions Aksha. People ask him to step aside. Abhinav remembers Abhi’s words. Abhi steps on a piece of glass. His leg is bleeding. He remembers Aksha’s words. He confronts the sadhu and apologizes. Sadhu baba says I have left worldly things, don’t take my way. Abhi says I have nothing, forgive me, please leave this money. Sadhu baba says at least ask me to bless you. Abhi says I have to ask, I thought I will get what I want, I realized I have to let her go and everything is gone, sorry. He leaves.

Manjiri asks where is Abhi. Nothing says that he is nowhere. Aarohi says he might have gone to hospital, I will ask them. Shefali says I hope I didn’t do any mistake by hiding it, come soon Abhi. Mahima says I will stop him from entering the hospital. Aarohi asks what, he didn’t go to hospital. Manjiri is worried. Anand says we will go and find her. Abhinav asks Aksha to close the window, the dust will go in their eyes.

He coughs. Akshu asks for water, is he fine. He drinks water and nods. Akshu coughs and drinks water. Abhi walks towards the rock. Aarohi and everyone come. Aarohi pulls him back. The driver says that the airport has arrived. Abhinav sees Aksha. Everyone brings Abhi home. Manjiri is worried and runs to him. Anand says calm down, anything could have happened. Mahima says that he gave a painkiller injection. Parth says he was walking towards the cliff and could have fallen but Arohi saved him. Manjiri asks why he came out. Aarohi says he will give the answers himself.

Abhinav, Akshu and Abhir return home. They look at the house. Abhir asks what happened to our house. Akshu says it was closed for many days, it will look like our house when we clean it, do as I say, agree. He says yes. She asks how did the prison get messed up, I didn’t do this mistake before. Abhinav looks on. Akshu says I will fix everything now. She cleans the house. Abhir helps her. Abhinav cries and remembers Abhi’s words. He tries to start the car and drive away. He lies on the steering wheel. Neela comes and asks how are you, is everything fine. He gets out of the car and hugs her. She asks the case where his hope went. He says when we went there, Abhi was visiting, Akshu was away when he met with an accident, six years were erased, they became old Akshu and old Abhi. She says this moment is over, she came with you, she could have stayed there but she came with you, live in this moment. He says I want to live but she writes a new name to erase the old name, do I really deserve it, I am a regular driver, if she wants to return the favor, I don’t want it.

Abhinav says we are not same. Akshu says you are my husband. Says just the husband’s namesake. Abhi says I confessed my feelings to Akshu and asked her to come back. Aarohi looks at him. Abhinav says I saw your love, I came between you two, I don’t deserve this much responsibility.

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