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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th March 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

The episode starts with Akshu, Abhinav and Abhir praying in a temple. Abhir says I want to stick a coin there. Abhinav takes it. Abhi comes there. Akshu turns and sees him. Jaaniye….plays… Abhinav and Abhir pray and stick a coin. Abhi stops Aksha and says I love you Aksha. She is impressed. He says I love you and always will, my heart always cheats me, I can’t live without you, it’s been 6 years, the world has changed and I’m still here, I’m upset with you, me and Mahadev, maybe he’s in trouble , and he brought you back. She says I didn’t come back. He says then come back, you know we love each other, I have always loved you. She says I don’t love you. He says it is a lie, you love me. She says I have moved on. He says I was sick of thinking the same, how did you move on, I couldn’t find an answer to this question, you ran to me and answered me, you broke all the walls and came to me, just like I came here, breaking down all the walls your care showed me you’re lying you’re just pretending why are we far apart when we know we can’t be happy without each other it’s wrong for us and also for those who are in fake relationships with us , the truth is we love each other, I know it looks complicated, everything will be easy, go back to your Abhi. Abhinav looks shocked. He remembers his promise. He leaves.

Abhi says I cant give your place to anyone else, I will apologize to everyone, I will fight everyone, if you are with me, just say yes, our story started here and even today, it will start here, you love me. and I love you Aksha, say something. Akshu says there is a difference between love and sin, it is because of sindoor, I am someone’s wife, you have no right to say this, it is not love, call me back, it is called selfishness, shame on you doctor. Birla you made up your mind and you want me to come back I will make up my feelings I heard about your accident and ran to you because we were in a relationship I moved on because Abhinav was with me you came to give me love, you disrespected me before and today.

Abhinav and Abhir walk down. Abhir asks where is mom, will she come to Kasauli. Abhinav cries and hugs him. He makes him get into the car. Akshu says Abhinav is waiting for what I say and discusses everything with me, when you came to Kasauli, I was scared, Abhinav talked to me and respected my past, he didn’t judge me, I didn’t want to come to Udaipur, I shifted. border and hurt his heart, but he didn’t say a word to me, it’s respect, relationship means love and respect, he always supported me, he gave me peace. She says you broke up with me twice and today you came to give me love, I also lost my dear people, no one understood my pain, you thought your pain was big so you accused me of killing Neil and two babies you called me a murderer and punished me you came to say you love me no it’s not love it’s a life sentence thank you for the offer but i don’t accept this punishment i don’t accept it this kind of love i’m going back to my world with your husband and son, forget everything, accept Aarohi and Ruhi, never say this in front of Abhinav, I want you to stay happy and move on, and we always stay away. She says if I had died that day instead of Neil, you would have divorced Neil too, no, that’s right, you wouldn’t have broken your relationship with Neil, you gave equality to that relative, not me.

Abhinav says we are not same. Akshu says you are my husband. Says just the husband’s namesake. Abhi says I confessed my feelings to Akshu and asked her to come back. Aarohi looks at him. Abhinav says I saw your love, I came between you two, I don’t deserve this much responsibility.

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