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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th February 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

The episode starts with Abhinav giving his call to Abhi. He answers. Abhi says sorry, I didn’t send the payment for the jam, tell me how much it costs, I will send the money. Akshu says we sent it as a gift. Abhinav says he can’t fix the price of the jams. Abhi says I will not force you, sorry. He ends the call. Abhinav sees Akshu tensed and asks her to move on. She asks him to help her with her work. He helps her. Kairav ​​asks Muskaan to come. She says I will lift my bags. The handle of the cart breaks. She says I can’t lift it. He takes the bag. She says that I have not sat in anyone’s car till now. He asks her to sit down. They come home. She sees Goenka’s big luxurious house. She asks is this Akshu’s house. Kairav ​​says yes, but she is not staying here now. Muskaan says how she lives with us in a small house. Manish asks her to come. Muskan welcomes them. Suvarna takes her to the house. Kairav ​​takes out the bags. Suvarna introduces the family. Dadi blesses Muskaan and says you can call me Mimi, I will love you the most. Muskaan says I am not that special. Dadi says you are Nanand Akshu. Muskaan says Aksha is sweet, she takes care of me and Amma. She starts to cry. Suvarna consoles her. Manish says this is also your own house. Muskaan says it is a palace.

Manish explains to her. They insist that she stay with them. Muskaan says I will stay in hostel. They ask her to talk to Akshu. Abhi asks Aarohi to rest. She says I want to work, I saw some files and came to know that Parth is maintaining the equipment and Mahima is not. Abhi thinks. Muskaan calls Aksha and says they are insisting me to stay here. Akshu talks to Manish. He says we brought her here, this is her own house, why should she go anywhere else, we have a chance to do something for you and Abhinav. Akshu says I m happy but Birlas might have problem. Manish says we will say let us love this girl, you and Aarohi are not here, Muskaan will get all the love, ask Muskaan to stay here. Muskaan says your family is very good, you lived with them like a princess. Akshu says you are no less than a princess. Muskaan says don’t worry, I will be careful. Akshu says I trust you. Suvarna asks Muskaan to come and see the room. Akshu hears Abhir shouting and comes out to see. She sees the crowd. Abhinav beats the man furiously. Akshu asks him to stop. Abhir says not to fight. Abhinav asks how dare you touch my son. Aksha shouts Abhinav ji enough. Abhinav stops. Abhir hugs him. Parth says Abhi will know that Aarohi got shock because of me, Aarohi was going… Shefali says she will die, how can you do this, this truth can’t be hidden, go and apologize to everyone. He scolds her. He slaps her. She falls over the dressing table. Abhi and everyone comes and asks what is that sound. Shefali says Parth and I had a fight, so he is angry… Manjiri asks what he did in anger. Mahima signs Shefali. Shefali says he broke the perfume bottle.

Aarohi says it was a big sound. Anand says I don’t think so. Everyone asks the case. Mahima says let it be their business. Manjiri says the matter is leaving the room, now it is a family matter. Abhi asks Shefali if everything is fine. Parth says we will manage it, you don’t need to interfere in our matter, I didn’t interfere in his life, when he can’t handle relationship, he shouldn’t lecture others. Abhi says you are senior, if you make a mistake, I will correct you, better correct yourself. He is leaving. Akshu helps Abhinav. Abhinav says I can fight army for Abhir. He hugs Abhir. Akshu says you love Abhir a lot. He says yes, this love gives me courage. Manjiri goes to Abhi. She sees Aarohi pacifying him and asks him to leave his anger. She says a good son and a good father should stay away from anger, think of Ruhi and Manjiri, I will know about the car, will you have elaichi milk. He says done. Manjiri smiles. Abhir says you will get bravest dad award. He is joking. They laugh. Abhi and Aarohi sit and talk. Abhinav smiles seeing Akshu taking care of him. Abhi creates a project for Ruhi. She gets methi dana. He mentions Aksha. Akshu also mentions him. They both feel sad. He says, I will give you a ride, the driver is on vacation. Shefali says no, you are doing your work. He says sorry for intruding if you’re not feeling well. She says no. He asks if everything is fine. Shivansh calls her. She remembers Parth’s words. He says I am your best friend, I am here. He thinks she is hiding something.

Dadi asks Aksha to come on her birthday else she will come. Muskaan sees Abhi. Abhi thinks what Muskaan told them.

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