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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th March 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

The episode starts with Surekha seeing Abhinav. She says, “I’m sorry Jamaiso, I didn’t mean to hurt your heart, you’ll lie to me even now that your back hurt last night, I’m older and married for a long time, you’re cute, but I’m sorry, a real husband and wife aren’t like that either , like you, you kept Aksha away because you knew one day she would run away to Abhi. He cries and leaves. Akshu remembers Manjiri’s words and cries. Abhir asks where is mom and everyone, did something happen, tell me. Abhinav remembers everything. He says give me some time. He comes out and sees Akshu sitting by the gate. He says when you removed ji from our names, I thought you took a step towards me, I took 4 steps, whatever happened today, I don’t understand anything, how can I ask you, why did you go to Abhi, do you do you still have a place in your heart for him or do you still love him if your answer is yes then i will…

Ruhi comes and greets them. Akshu hugs her. Ruhi says we will have fun now, I came. Akshu is crying. Abhinav looks on. Mahima asks Rohan to prepare Abhi for the surgery. Aarohi says the surgery will happen. Kairav ​​holds her. He asks them not to panic, a surgery is being done to cure Abhi. Aarohi mentions Aksha. She says why did Abhi call Aksha, he came to meet her, no, I should not think about all this, his health is bad anymore. Manjiri says they are not reporting if Abhi is fine. Mahima comes and says a lot of blood was lost, Parth calls the blood bank. Manjiri is crying. Manish consoles her. Anand asks Abhi to be brave and come back. Suvarna asks what is Abhi in the Old West, I will pray that Abhi gets well. She ends her conversation with Manish. Abhir says everyone lied to me. Ruhi says Poppy is in hospital. Akshu looks on. Parth sats quickly regulate the blood. Kairav ​​says that the blood will be arranged, I spoke to someone about it. Manjiri is crying. Manish says Abhi will be fine. Aksha asks Ruhi not to cry, Popi will be fine. Abhir wipes Ruhi’s tears and consoles her. He says my dad met with an accident, Abhi came to save him, when I was praying to Kanhi, I am not lying sister, come, we will pray to Shiv Ji. Ruhi says he is not there. He gets the stone and says Neela told me that we can see Bholenath in the stone if we pray from our heart. Akshu ignites the action. They pray for Abhi.

Abhi is crying. Anand says thank God this is a relief. Mahima says but pulse drops. Akshu prays. Abhinav comes and pacifies the kids. He hugs them. Abhi makes Ruhi sleep. Suvarna says I will make her sleep in the room. He says its fine, she is my sister. Dadi says, I used to steal tamarind as a child, mother scolded me, my brother said that if I steal his batash, he will complain about me, that’s how they are brother and sister, they teach us to fight and win. Abhinav is crying. Akshu says Abhir was the best son and today he has become the best brother. Abhir thanks her. Surekha averts their bad eyesight.

Abhir says I have to go meet doctor. Akshu says no we can’t go. Abhir asks why when dad was sick doctor came to meet him, we have to go to doctor when he is sick. Dadi says everyone is there, children are not allowed there. Akshu says yes, meet him when he recovers. Abhir prays. Mahima asks Rohan to check his neck for bleeding. Rohan says there is nothing like that. Manjiri is worried. Abhir leaves the house. He says Shiv ji is with me, I have no tension, I also gave the location. He takes a stone to scare the dog. He says sorry I left without informing Aksha, I have to go to doctor, Bhagbuti will protect him. He leaves.

Abhir says I am coming to you doctor. Aksha is shouted by Abhir. Abhinav asks what happened. She shows the note and says he is going to see Abhi but how. Abhir sees Abhi in the hospital ward. Abhinav says let them meet, blood will draw relationship.

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