Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) Upcoming Twist, Written Episode Update

Khuranas and Gopal depart for shopping at the start of the episode. Rudraksh believes Armaan is up to something. Preesha advises him to go to the police station first. He informs her that they cannot go there right now because Armaan is following them.

They visit a shopping center ( Golmaal song plays ). Preesha warns Rudraksh that if Armaan is following them like this, they won’t be able to gather proof against him. Rudraksh assures her that they will find a solution. He says they’ll head to the police station tomorrow. She informs him that Armaan will accompany them tomorrow as well. She claims to know what to do.

Pihu inquires about Raj’s attendance at the celebration. Raj informs her that he will not be attending the celebration. He claims that they will beg him to sing a song and would gossip about him if he refuses. He goes on to say that it’s best to skip the party.

She assures him that she will not allow anybody to request that he sing a song. She expresses a strong desire to accompany him to the celebration. He informs her she must go alone if she wishes to attend the party. She becomes enraged. She assures him that she will go and departs from there.

Armaan emerges from the restroom. He believes Preesha appeared to be content with Gopal and her children. He claims he needs to halt everything and falls down due to the slick floor. Digvijay arrives and assists Armaan in getting up. Preesha recalls pouring oil on the floor.

She believes Armaan is no longer able to follow them. Everybody walks inside the room. Preesha summons a servant and chastises him. She promises to provide Armaan with a pain reliever. She administers medication to him.

The next day, Armaan realizes he can’t move his legs. He dials Digvijay and Preesha’s numbers. He informs them that he cannot move his legs. Preesha examines his legs. She dials the Doctor’s number. The doctor checks Armaan after some time has passed. Preesha inquires as to what occurred to Armaan. He informs her that Armaan was paralyzed below the waist due to nerve damage.

Armaan inquires as to whether he will recover. The doctor informs him that his paralysis is just temporary. Preesha recalls injecting Armaan while he was sleeping. She believes Armaan will be unable to move from his bed for the next three days. Rudraksh applauds Preesha’s strategy. He claims Armaan is deserving of this.

Preesha assures Armaan that she would look after him. Children visit and learn about Armaan’s situation. Preesha requests that they not bother Armaan. Ruhi requests that she prepare dosa for her. Digvijay instructs Armaan to relax. Rudraksh informs Preesha that they can talk with the policeman today. However, Pihu arrives at the party location. She believes she will enjoy herself without Raj. Rudraksh and Preesha arrive at the policeman’s residence.

Precap:- Armaan requests that Preesha provide him medication later since he is debating something crucial with Digvijay. Digvijay is seen leaving the residence by Preesha. Pihu questions Vidyut on why he did all he did. Vidyut informs her that he has always liked her. Digvijay offers a lady money and asks her to go.

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