Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) Upcoming Twist, Written Episode Update

Preesha informs Rudraksh that she would return to Armaan to gather proof against him. She claims she’ll act as if she hasn’t regained her memories. Rudraksh assures her that he would not allow her to do so. He claims that he cannot take such a large risk.

Preesha is correct, according to Saaransh and Ruhi. Armaan, according to Saaransh, would not suspect Preesha. He claims that once Armaan learns that Preesha has recovered her memories, he would flee once more. Rudraksh advises Preesha to remain with Armaan. He requests that she notify him if there is an issue. Preesha informs him that she would not spare Armaan.

Armaan afterward awakes. Preesha inquires as to his well-being. He wants her to quit seeming concerned. She tells him she was concerned about him. He inquires as to why she raced towards Rudraksh. She informs him she went to help the Children. He informs her that she chose the name Rudraksh. Rudraksh wonders why Preesha will accept his name since she despises him. Khuranas walks inside the room. Preesha expresses her dislike towards Rudraksh. She requests that he leave.

Armaan questions Preesha about why she told Nurse that Rudraksh is her spouse. Preesha inquires if she stated it. She attempts to persuade him that she has not recovered her memories. Vanshika, according to Rudraksh, is his wife. He claims he came to say goodbye. Khuranas then departs. Preesha exits the room after telling Armaan to relax.

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 5th October 2022 Written Update

Preesha goes to make lunch the next day. Digvijay inquires Armaan about the situation. Armaan informs him that he believes Preesha is acting as though she has not regained her memories. Digvijay questions why Khuranas would lie. Armaan claims to know how to determine if Preesha is acting or not.

After a while, Armaan informs Preesha that he would take her shopping. Preesha is adamantly opposed. But Armaan and Digvijay persuade her. She enters the house. Armaan informs Digvijay that Preesha is unable to act before Gopal.

Pihu asks Vidyut what occurred to his hand in college. Vidyut will not inform her. Raj informs her that Vidyut was injured while rescuing her. Meanwhile, Preesha is perplexed as to why Armaan is taking her shopping. She contacts Rudraksh and notifies him of the situation. She informs him they can’t trust Armaan and hangs up the phone. Armaan afterward brings Preesha to a jewellery store.

Raj and Pihu are informed by the student that they are collecting funds for charity. He requests that they perform. Raj claims that he is unable to sing owing to a contractual obligation. He informs Pihu that she is free to sing because she has not yet signed the contract. She tries but fails to persuade him.

Preesha is surprised to find Gopal as a salesman in the jewellery store. Gopal notices Preesha. Preesha realizes why Armaan called her there. She believes she is unable to respond. Gopal is perplexed as to what Preesha is doing with Armaan. Preesha refers to Armaan as her spouse. She requests that Gopal show her diamond sets. Gopal believes Preesha must have a rationale for her behavior.

Precap – Gopal is charged with stealing jewelry. Later, Rudraksh expresses his desire to embrace Preesha. Preesha requests that he go before Armaan discovers him. Armaan shows up.

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