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Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th March 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Nayanthara gets tired of waiting for Samrat. She gets Mansi’s social media post with a selfie of her and Samrat. She resents that Samrat is busy spending time with his ex-wife, planning dinner with her and making her wait here. She feels pain and decides to leave. At the hospital, Mansi continues to strive to stop Samrat. Samrat calls Mohit there and tells Mansi that he will be with her and as the doctor said she will feel better after some time. He asks Mohit to handle Mansi and rushes to the restaurant. Nayan leaves in a taxi, just before reaching there. He walks in and asks the manager about Nayan. The manager reports that she left 1 minute ago. Samrat rushes home thinking that Nayan must be very angry and he needs to calm her down.

Nayan comes home. Prem and Chinta ask how she saw the lunch with Samrat. Nayan informs that he didn’t come at all and angrily goes to her room. Samrat comes home and asks them about Nayan. They ask why he didn’t go to the restaurant. Sam says Muncie is about to get sick and he has to rush her to the hospital. They say Nayan is very angry with him. He rushes to Nayan’s room. Mansi stops her and taunts her that Sam was with her instead of celebrating Nayan’s birthday. Nayan says she saw her selfie with Sam on her social media account. Muncy says that Sam feels more emotionally connected to her because she is his ex-wife and soul mate. Nayan imagines strangling Mansi’s neck and shouts for him to stop bothering and interfering in Samrat’s life. Nayan continues to provoke her. Nayan leaves. Mansi thinks Nayan will fight with Sam and break their relationship then she will get Sam.

Sam meets Nayan and tries to explain what happened. Nayan refuses to listen to him and takes out his anger on him. Samrat asks if she won’t listen at all. Nayan says no. He picks her up and leaves. She resists and insists on being dumped. He takes her to the terrace and shows her the decorations he made for her birthday celebration and explains what happened. She calms down a bit. He asks her to cut the cake. Nayan refuses. He cuts the cake and enjoys it. She angrily says it’s her birthday and he cuts the cake. He says he’s eating the extra cake he got and makes her take a piece. They enjoy quality time together. Mansi excitedly thinks she has to see Sam and Nayan’s fight but finds the door locked from outside. Prem and Chandan lock the door from outside and think that now she won’t be able to bother Nayan and Sam.

Preparation: Nayan asks Mansi why she blocked Sam’s number in her phone. She informs the same to Samrat and says she saw it on the CCTV footage. Samrat says lets check the stills. Mansi is nervous.

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