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Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th February 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Malathi meets Nayanthara and informs her that Ishani called her. Nayan says she advised Ishan and Mohit to shift to Madurai after marriage, even she will shift to Madurai after Samrat divorces her. Malati says they will get rid of Sam’s fear. Prem asks what happened to him. Nayan says he will take him anywhere. Malati asks who this child is and why he wants to accompany her. Nayan tells that Prem is the son of Sam and his ex-wife, neither of them wants to take responsibility, so she will take it and adopt him. Malathi asks if she knows what she is saying, her marriage after divorcing Sam will be difficult and with a child no one will marry her. Nayan says she feels an emotional connection with Prem, people will keep talking, she will be happy if she can give Prem a better life, she already said her goal is to give someone a good life, not marriage etc.

Sam drinks alcohol in his room, thinking that once he breaks up with Nayan and gives him custody of Prem, he will live a peaceful life. The servant informs him that he was met by a certain Raghav. Samrat comes down and asks

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