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Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th February 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

A highly inebriated Samrat subconsciously mutters that he loves Mansi unconditionally and she must not leave her again. Nayan asks if he loves Mansi that much. Hearing her voice, he opens his eyes and asks what she is doing here. She says he came home after being drunk and she helped him to his room, says his mother wants to send Prem to a shelter and so he has to stop her. Sam says Mansi left him for money and now threw her son on him, all women are greedy for money and use men like him, Nayan is worried about Prem so she can get more money from him, he will divorce her in 2 days and get rid of her, and then send Prem to the asylum. Nayan shouts that he and his mother are inhumans etc and leaves.

The next morning, Sam slaps Nayan with a message about the diver and asks her to sign it. Nayan starts lashing out at him and demands custody of Prem in exchange for a divorce. Sam says she has a bigger plan to rob him every month as Prem’s upkeep so he won’t give her custody. She says she is not a non-human like him and she doesn’t need money to raise Prem. She questions Samrat’s upbringing and says she will give Prem a good upbringing which he won’t get in this house etc. Even then, Sam refuses. Revathi takes him to his room and asks why he refused to give custody of Prem to Nayan. Sam says why would he give custody of his son to someone else. She says this is the best way to get rid of Prem, he should make her sign legal papers saying she doesn’t need money to raise Prem. Sam says she’s right, he’ll call the lawyer soon and ask him to do the paperwork.

Ishani calls Nayan and informs her that she and Mohit are getting married in 2 days. Nayan informs that Sam is divorcing her after 2 days and asks them to move to Maduri after marriage to escape from Sam, she and her family will also move to Maduri to hide from Sam. Revathi’s assistant clicks a picture of Ishani and Mohit and informs Revathi about their marriage. Revathi orders him to kill Ishaan before she comes to the court for marriage. She recalls tapping Malathi’s phone as she knew Ishani would call her and sent her assistant to spy on Ishani and Mohit.

Prem enters Sam’s room looking for Nayan and breaks his guitar by mistake. Sam is mad at him. Prem apologizes and says he likes guitars. Sam scolds him and decides to punish him. Nayan etners and saves Prem. She argues with Sam for trying to punish the little boy and asks if she should punish him for his mistakes. Their dispute continues. Sam walks away annoyed.

Preparation: Revathi orders her assistant to banish Ishani and Mohit from the world forever. Ishani and Mohit’s taxi falls off a cliff. Nayan informs Malathi that she feels an emotional connection with Prem and is going to adopt him. She claims to Sam that her sister died because of him, so she won’t spare him.

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