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Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th March 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Samrat asks Gia to tell the inspector how Raghav tried to molest her. The inspector asks if Raghav really tried to molest her. Nayanthara asks her not to worry as they have video evidence and Raghav can’t harm her. Gia says Raghav didn’t do anything. Sam is shocked and asks what she is saying. Gia tells the inspector that Sam asked her to do this to trap Raghav. Samrat asks what nonsense, everything is caught on video. Gia says she is a professional actress and Samrat was hired to catch Samrat in a rape case. She shows the money transfer from Samrat’s account and says she just followed Samrat’s instructions. Inspector asks Samrat if this is true. Samrat says he did this to expose Raghav’s act. Raghav says Samrat conspired against him and should go to jail instead. The inspector says Samrat’s testimony proves nothing and Raghav can file a defamation case against him instead. Raghav says he won’t do that and has forgiven Samrat. The inspector tells Samrat that he can leave

Samrat comes out of the police station and shouts that Gia betrayed him and he failed to expose Raghav. Raghav walks up to him and laughs saying that he is thinking 100 steps ahead and tells how he doubted Jiya when he agreed to spend time with him in a hotel room for just one meeting, so he followed Giya and found her with Raghav. He goes on to say that he followed Gia to her house and made a deal with her to continue filming, then foiled Sam’s plan in exchange for a singing job. He tells Sam that he’s not smart enough to beat him so easily and asks him to come up with some other trick next time.

Samrat returns home disappointed. Nayan reassures him and asks him not to lose hope as they will find another way to expose Raghav. He asks if she will help him. He says that when she becomes friends with him, she will support him in his true intentions. He gets hilarious and tickles her funny bones. She is running. They both spend quality time together. The next day, Prem discovers his books missing and questions Sam. Sam scolds and shoos him away. Nayan asks why he is venting Raghav’s frustration on the kid. Sam says Raghav is so smart and escaped so easily. Mansi enters and says she can help him catch Raghav. She says that Raghav is attentive to his every move and does everything perfectly, but she knows about his CD piracy business. Sam says why would Raghav do this if he has his own music company. Mansi says he earns 10 times more from the piracy business. With Mansi’s help from Sam, the police seize Raghav’s pirated CD factory. He thanks Mansi. Mansi thinks that she will get Raghav soon and get Nayan out of Sam’s life.

Set-up: Raghav sends Sam to prison and taunts him that he has been punished for his sins. Raghav decides to take revenge on Sam.
Mansi gets jealous seeing Sam and Nayan spending time together and Sam plans a birthday surprise for Nayan and a lunch date with her. She thinks Sam won’t make it to the restaurant at all. Nayan is waiting for Samrat in the restaurant.

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