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Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th February 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Nayanthara encourages Prem and says let us go inside. Mansi comes out. Prem hugs her tightly. Mansi resigns and says that she will stay with her dad from now on. Prem says he wants to stay with both. Mansi says she will stay only with dad and goes in her car. Prem starts crying. Nayan consoles him saying that her parents will love him when their anger calms down and accept him. Seema asks Revathi why Mansi came back. Revathi says Mansi dumped her son on Samrat saying he is the father of her child, she worked hard to make Samrat a rock star and didn’t let anyone destroy his hard work. Seema asks what will she do now. Revathi says she will send Prem to an asylum and get rid of him like Mansi did.

Prem hears this and asks Nayan why she said that her parents will take him in once their anger calms down or he will be sent to an orphanage. Nayan promises him that he will stay in this house. She goes to see Revathi and she scolds her for planning to send Prem to the asylum and not accepting him as Samrat’s son. Revathi warns her to mind her own business and says that just because Samrat married her doesn’t mean she can’t kick Nayan out of this house. Nayan threatens to expose what Revathi, Alia and Samrat have done to the media and ruin Samrat’s image. Revathi angrily tries to slap her. Nayan holds Revathi’s hand and warns her not to touch her. She continues to berate Revathi for thinking of herself as such a cheap woman and again threatens her to expose her and Samrat to the media if she tries to send Prem to a shelter. She leaves saying that she will take care of Prem from now on.

Sam vents his frustration on his musical instruments. Revathi calms him down and asks if he also wants to keep Mansi’s son at home and accept him as his son. Sam says never. Revathi tells that she wanted to send Prem to the shelter but Nayan threatened to destroy them and how she insulted her. Sam is angry with Nayan for insulting his mom. Revathi says they need to keep calm and get rid of Prem smartly. Nayan comforts a crying Prem and cheers him up. Ishani calls Malathi and asks how she is. Malathi says she is fine and describes Nayan teaching Sam and Revathi a lesson. Ishani informs that she and Mohit have applied for marriage in Shimla court and will get approval in 2-3 days. Malati asks her not to worry about her family and to be careful with Sam.

Sam arrives at Muncie’s house unable to control her heart and is angry to see her with a boyfriend. He believes that she is so selfish that she abandoned him before and now her son for money. Nayan waits for Sam to confront him. Sam returns home in a state of heavy alcohol intoxication. Nayan supports him. Ay Dil Sambhal jaa Zaraa.. the song is playing in the background. She says that he will fall and break his head. Sam says let her why is she supporting him. Nayan says she is not stone hearted like him and helps him to bed. He pulls her towards him and subconsciously whispers, please don’t leave me Mansi, you left me earlier and again now. Nayan asks if he loves Mansi a lot. Sam opens his eyes and sees Nayan.

Preparation: Sam lays out the divorce papers on Nayan. Nayan says she will divorce him only if he gives Prem to her. Ishani informs Nayan that her and Mohit’s marriage will take place tomorrow. Revathi is on the phone asking her assistant to sort out Ishani and Mohit’s accident before they reach the court. Sam gets mad at Prem when he accidentally breaks his guitar and threatens to lock him in the pantry as punishment.

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