Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) Upcoming Twist, Written Episode Update

Preesha opens the episode by asking Gopal to teach her something more. Gopal believes that Preesha is embarrassed to refer to him as her father since he works as a salesperson. She believes she is no longer capable of acting. She informs Armaan that she didn’t enjoy anything and that they should go. Preesha is informed by the manager that there are more collections. He chastises Gopal for not exhibiting Preesha the most recent selections. He directs him to deliver the most recent selections.

Armaan believes Preesha did not recognize Gopal, but she also dislikes Gopal’s rudeness. He informs the Manager that they should not have employed an elderly gentleman. The manager informs him that Gopal has recently joined the company and is still learning. Armaan gives workers advice. Preesha informs him that he has a large heart and loves about everybody. She leads him to a different section. She believes she understands what Armaan is up to.

In college, one student informs another that Raj’s album has not even begun, but Raj is already displaying attitude. He claims that Raj would suffer no harm if he appeared in a fund-raising performance at the time. He claims that Raj believes he is Rudraksh’s son. Their talk is overheard by Pihu and Vidyut. Vidyut smacks that kid. He informs them that Raj’s attitude is due to his skill. He informs them that they must comprehend Raj’s circumstances. He chastises them for disparaging Raj. Pihu wonders if Vidyut has truly changed.

Preesha plans to buy a costly jewel to teach Armaan a lesson. Preesha is shown gems by Gopal. Armaan slips a gem into Gopal’s pocket. The manager discovers that one of the jewels is gone. Armaan inquires whether they are suspecting them. He requests that he double-check his staff. He charges Gopal. Preesha feels Armaan is terrible. Gopal stands up for himself.

The manager discovers a gem in Gopal’s pocket. He decides to contact the authorities. Rudraksh tells him not to contact the cops. He reprimands him for blaming Gopal. He requests that he review the CCTV footage. Armaan believes he will be apprehended once the CCTV footage is examined. Rudraksh informs Manager that he may purchase the shop on behalf of Gopal. The manager expresses regret to him. Preesha expresses gratitude to God for sending Rudraksh there. Armaan is perplexed as to what Rudraksh is doing there. He believes Rudraksh wrecked everything.

Rudraksh recalls telling the youngsters that Armaan had taken Preesha shopping. The children decide to follow Preesha and alert Rudraksh about the problem. The kids notice Gopal at the store and alert Rudraksh. Rudraksh comprehends Armaan’s strategy. He is confronted with reality. He inquires of Preesha as to why she did not identify her father, Gopal.

Preesha inquires if Gopal is her father. Rudraksh informs Armaan that Preesha has lost her memory, but does not explain why the latter did not recognize Gopal. Armaan is chastised by Preesha. Armaan informs her that he did not want her to be attacked. She informs him that he has caused her pain. She embraces Gopal.

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