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Yeh Hai Chahatein 31st January 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

The episode starts with a hospital security officer pointing a gun at Revathi’s puzzle and forcing him to open the pantry door. Nayan leaves the room, and the officer threatens to hand her over to the police. Goon hits him from behind with a wooden rod and knocks him unconscious, then runs after Nayan.

Mohit’s mother tells him that he should marry Ishani if ​​he really loves her, she sacrificed her life under the pressure of Revathi’s favor to give him a good life. Mohit says he has to marry Aaliya if he wants to save Ishani from jail time. The mother thinks that she will not let Mohit ruin her own life. Nayan and Prem reach the parking lot. Prem calls his driver and asks him to bring the car to the parking lot as soon as possible. Goon runs after them. They get into the car and drive. Nayan thanks Prem for his help and asks him to take her to Sam’s destination/home by road.

Samrat is happy to see Aaliya in her wedding attire and gifts her the only bracelets in the world. She likes it. He asks when she will be ready. She says it is wrong to ask the bride when she is going. Revathi asks Sam to go check on Mohit. Sam is leaving. Ishani thinks how will she go back to Sam’s house and find out about Nayan. The owner of her dance troupe reports that they got a contract for a big event today. Nayan reaches Samrat’s house disguised as a Punjabi dancer. Prem asks if she is sure about it. She says yes, nervously walks in and joins a Punjabi dance troupe. Samrat walks in front of her and dances with her. She starts to worry, fearing that he will recognize her, but he doesn’t.

Samrat gets a call from his bugger that Nayan has run away. He scolds the race for carlessness. Goon says some guy helped Nayan escape. Sam thinks it must be Chintu. Nayan enters Mohit’s room to tell him Aaliya’s truth and end the marriage. Samrat’s mother comes in and doubts that she is a thief. Nayan tells that she is Ishani’s sister. Revathi enters. Nayan hides and asks Mohit’s mother not to inform Revathi about her. Revathi asks Mohit’s mother what she is doing here. Mom says she came to check on Mohit. Revathi says Sam took Mohit to his room to get him ready. Her mother takes her out of the room.

Mohit gets ready as a groom and misses Ishani. Sam wonders where Nayan went after escaping. Mohit’s mother returns to Mohit’s room. Nayan tells her in detail about Sam, Revathi, Alia’s plan and asks her to somehow stop Alia and Mohit’s marriage. Mohit’s mother tells Nayan that she won’t let Revathi ruin Mohit’s life and won’t let Mohit marry Aaliya. She takes Mohit aside to tell him the truth, but Sam takes him away.

Nayan and Mohit’s marriage ends. Nayan is heartbroken, but she knows she did the right thing. She knows that Ishani and Mohit are meant to be together and she is happy for them. She leaves the house and decides to go back to her dance troupe.

On the other hand, Mohit is confused and hurt. He can’t understand why Nayan left without telling him the truth. He decides to find her and get answers. He goes to the dance troupe and finds Nayan. He tells her that he knows everything and he still loves her. He asks her to marry him.

Nayan is surprised and happy. She agrees to marry him and they embrace each other. They are finally reunited and they are ready to start their new life together.

The episode ends with a happy ending for Nayan and Mohit. They are finally together and they are ready to face the world. They have found true love and they will never let it go.

The episode teaches us that true love is worth fighting for. No matter what the circumstances are, if you truly love someone, don’t give up and keep fighting for it. Love will always find a way.

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