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Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th January 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Nayan had been locked in a vault and desperately tried to find a way out. She wrote HELP on the glass, but the guard splashed water on it and tied her to a chair. Meanwhile, Revathi told Sam that Aaliya was tired and she was going to put her in the room. Sam threatened Ishana to get out of his house or he would call the police, reminding her that she had already been to jail and would go to jail again. Ishani was not afraid and said she wouldn’t leave until she met Nayan. Sam called the servant and asked if Nayan was at home. The servant said that she had come some time ago. Ishani refused to go, so Sam took her to the room and said that Nayan was taking a bath. Ishani refused again, so Sam knocked on the bathroom and asked if Nayan was home. Aaliya, using a voice modulator, said in Nayan’s voice that she was taking a bath and asked if he needed anything.

Ishani still refused to leave until she saw Nayan. Sam pulled her down and threatened her out. Ishani shouted that Nayan was right, saying that he was a monster and misbehaved with girls. She left and Sam returned to the room, praising Revathi for treating Ishani well. Revathi and Aaliya recalled how they had tricked Ishani with a voice modulator.

Nayan managed to break free again, breaking the window glass. She noticed the hospital ahead and used the reflection of the glass to call for help. Prem, who had come to the hospital for a check-up, saw the reflection and went to the window. Nayan told him that she was locked in the warehouse and asked him to call someone to come and free her. Prem said he would come and open the door, but Nayan said that there was a guard outside so he should go and bring someone senior. Prem went and sought the security officer’s help.

Meanwhile, Mohit was in his room feeling sad thinking about Ishani. Sam called him out and Mohit came downstairs, wondering why Sam had called him after ruining his life. He was shocked to see his mother. Revathi said she had invited her friend and now there would be a samdhan. Mother hugged Mohit and thanked Revathi for inviting her. She asked about Aaliya and Sam said that she was resting and had met with an accident. The mother was worried and Sam said that Mohit could meet her when she woke up. Mother asked Mohit if he was fine and asked to show her his room. Sam asked them not to talk much as Mohit needed to get ready. Mohit and his mother left. Sam told Revathi that she had done the right thing by calling Mohit’s mother, but asked why she had let Mohit talk to his mother. Revathi said not to worry as Mohit’s mother was burdened by their affection and wouldn’t back down.

Prem took the security officer outside the storeroom and said that it was dirty until he had detained his aunt in the storerooms. The officer questioned the guard, who said that the hospital had hired him to guard the warehouse and showed his fake ID. The officer apologized to him and tried to take Prem away. Nayan thought she needed to do something.

Mohit’s mother asked why he didn’t look happy. Mohit said he didn’t want to marry Aaliya and was being forced. He informed her that he was already married to Ishaan and Samrat had cheated them and separated them. The mother said that so much had happened there and asked him to explain the details. He did. Mother said how could they do this to her, didn’t they think he had feelings? How would he live in an abusive marriage? She said she had wasted her life burdened by Revathi’s affection and wouldn’t let it ruin his life. She asked him not to marry Aaliya if he really loved Ishani. Nayan knocked on the door. Prem told the officer that he had said this dirty uncle had locked his aunt inside. The officer pointed a gun at the guard and ordered him to open the door.

In preparation for the wedding, Nayan entered disguised as a Punjabi. The guard informed Sam that Nayan had escaped. Nayan asked Mohit’s mother to help her reunite Mohit and Ishani.

Ishani, Mohit, and Nayan were determined to reunite, and with the help of Mohit’s mother, they had a chance. Sam and Revathi had done a lot of wrong, but it seemed that the trio was going to get justice. The guard had been caught and the officer had the situation under control. With the help of the security officer, Nayan was freed and the trio could finally be together.

The episode ended with a hopeful note, as the trio was on their way to reuniting. It was clear that their bond was strong and they would do anything to stay together. The episode showed that with determination and courage, anything is possible.

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