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Yeh Hai Chahatein’s 29th January 2023 episode was a shocking one as it revealed the truth behind Revathi’s actions. Nayan was suspicious of Revathi’s actions and decided to go to the doctor to find out why she gave her money. The doctor refused to tell her and Nayan threatened to inform the hospital management. The doctor then revealed that Revathi had donated money to the hospital. Nayan then went to finish Alia’s work and Sam asked her to come back tomorrow to prepare Alia for her marriage.

Nayan then decided to find out what they were hiding from her and sneaked into Alia’s room to find out. She was shocked to see Sam, Aaliya and Revathi celebrating with champagne and realized that all three had lied and were playing games to trap Mohit and force him to marry Aaliya. She recorded Alia’s confession that she was happy that she would marry Alia tomorrow and not have to continue with her paralysis drama. Revathi suggested to proceed in such a way as to recover gradually, otherwise her plan will be exposed. Aaliya said she was tired of this drama. Sam said they would do whatever she said.

Nayan thought she would send the video to Mohit and expose all three. However, the nurse noticed her and asked what she was doing there. Nayan dropped her mobile out of fear and Sam ran out and asked her what she was doing there. He then told the nurse that he had called his wife there. The nurse left and Sam dragged Nayan away. He then found the video on her phone and deleted it. Nayan asked him to let her go and said she would send the video to Mohit and expose them all. Sam said he wouldn’t let her do that and tied her to a chair in the warehouse. Nayan said he had filed a fake suicide report and then attempted murder of Mohit and Ishani, and she would expose them and end Aaliya and Mohit’s marriage. Sam said he wouldn’t let her do that.

Ishani returned home and Malathi asked her about Nayan. Ishani said she had met Nayan with Sam, Mohit and Aaliya at the mall. Malathi got a message from Nayan and Ishani said she would visit Samrat’s house to check. She visited Sam’s house and upon seeing Mohit asked how his wedding preparations were going. He said this was his dream wedding and the temple wedding he had with her was a drama. She said it was true for her. He asked if she had come to say that and said Nayan wasn’t there and he hadn’t seen her since evening.

Sam then brought Aaliyah home in a wheelchair and said he would make sure her dream wedding happened just the way she wanted it. He then got angry seeing Ishani and yelled at her for coming there. Ishani said she had come to meet Nayan and said Sam must have forced Nayan to stay there. Sam said Nayan was his wife and it was her duty to attend the family wedding. Ishani said she wouldn’t leave until she met Nayan.

Nayan then cut the rope with a blade nearby and tried to get out of the room. Mohit supported Ishani and asked Sam to call Nayan. Sam nervously said she must be on some work and asked Ishani to leave. Ishani said she would go and check herself. Revathi then stopped her, warned her to stop her drama and left. Ishani said they could do whatever they wanted.

Nayan then wrote HELP on a glass window. Aliya got ready as a bride and thanked Sam. Revathi’s bodyguard then washed the window glass and tied Nayan to a chair.

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