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Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st February 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Nayantara informs Mohit’s mother that Aaliya is not paralyzed at all and it is part of her plan to forcibly marry Mohit. Mohit’s mom says she doesn’t understand what she is saying. Nayan reveals the whole story. Mohit’s mother says that Mohit truly loves Ishani and is marrying Aaliya to save Ishani from going to jail. Nayan asks how she knows. Mohit’s mother says Mohit informed her about everything, she sacrificed her life for Mohit and allowed Revathi to abuse her kindness, she will not let Revathi destroy her son’s life. Nayan seeks her help to stop Mohit and Alia’s wedding.

Ishani comes with her dance troupe to Sam’s house for a dance performance and asks the manager why he brought her here. Revathi says she has to come forward to Mohit. Ishani asks who is this woman who is asking her to perform in front of Mohit. Revathi says that her ex-husband says that she deliberately paid double the amount to allow her to perform in front of Mohit and threatens the manager to pay her back 2 times if Ishani doesn’t comply. Manager asks Ishani to perform. Ishani thinks she can meet Nayan if she stays here and agrees.

Mohit’s mother tries to take Mohit aside to tell him Aaliya’s truth. Sam does not let him go and says that he will be with the groom until the end of the wedding. Revathi announces a dance performance by Ishani and her group. Mohit, Sam and Nayan are shocked to see Ishani. Revathi tells Sam that he specially hired Ishani to dance in front of Mohit. He says nice. Ishani dances and looks for Nayan. Mohit’s mother takes Nayan aside and informs that Sam is not letting Mohit aside, how will they stop this marriage now. Nayan says they should let this marriage happen but with Ishani. Mohit’s mom asks how? Nayan says he will do it.

Sam humiliates Ishanni for dancing in front of her ex-husband and forces Mohit to tip her. Ishani thinks she came here for Nayan and not Mohit and accepts the money. She thinks that Sam is also an entertainer and recently performed at the wedding, so who can understand tipping but him. Sam is angry. Ishani threatens him to tell where her akka is or she will create drama. Sam says that her akka is his wife and is preparing her sister for marriage. Ishani thinks he is lying, she is sure that Akka is in trouble. The manager tells Ishana that they have to go now. Ishani says she will go to toilet and looks for Nayan. Nayan drags her to the room, reveals Sam and Alia’s plan to her and convinces her to marry Mohit. Mohit’s mother’s mother supports Nayan and says that Mohit loves only Ishani and so he should marry only Ishani. Nayan explains his plan and replaces Ishani with Aaliya.

Sam informs Revathi that Nayan escaped with the help of bo. Revathi reacts. Mohit’s mother comes to her and says let’s bring Aaliya to the mandap. Revathi accompanies her. Mohit’s mother feels disappointed seeing Aaliya’s condition and forces Revathi into a trap. She recalls Nayan giving Aaliya a sleeping injection and replacing Ishani.

Pandit asks Revathi to perform gatbandhan of bride and groom. Revathi says she got a special dupatta for the gatbandhan. Sam goes for the dupatta and bumps into Nayan and identifies her. Revathi stops the wedding rituals.

The plan was to replace Aaliya with Ishani to stop the wedding and rescue Ishani from going to jail. Nayan and Mohit’s mother worked together to make it happen. Nayan came up with the plan and Mohit’s mother supported her. They knew that if Ishani married Mohit, she would be saved from going to jail.

Ishani was asked to perform in front of Mohit and she agreed. She was sure that she would find Nayan if she stayed there. Sam humiliated her and forced her to accept the money. Ishani then threatened him and asked him to tell her where Nayan was. Sam lied and said that Nayan was his wife and was preparing her sister for marriage.

Nayan and Mohit’s mother tricked Revathi and replaced Aaliya with Ishani. Sam saw Nayan and informed Revathi. Mohit’s mother took Revathi aside and forced her into a trap. She recalled Nayan giving Aaliya a sleeping injection and replacing her with Ishani.

Finally, the pandit asked Revathi to perform the gatbandhan of the bride and groom. Sam went to get the special dupatta and bumped into Nayan. Revathi stopped the wedding rituals. In the end, Ishani married Mohit and was saved from going to jail.

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