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Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th March 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Mohit is happy to see Seema back and says he thought she would spend more time at her aunt’s house. Seema says she is very happy to see Mohit’s wedding. Mohit says he is not ready for marriage because Ishani and Raghav’s case is still bothering him and he needs time to come to terms with it. Mansi says as she wants. Aliya overhears their conversation and thinks to use this news to her advantage. Mansi ties her sari pallu to the wheel of the suitcase and waits for Nayan to pass by. She walks towards the stairs before Nayan shows her saree which is stuck in the wheel of the suitcase. Nayan stops her and shows her. Mansi thanks her and asks if she can release him. Nayan agrees. Mansi thinks that now she will show Nayan what she is capable of, it is not easy to get her out of this house. She slips down the stairs and asks Nayan to hug her. Nayan holds her hand. Mansi breaks free and falls down the stairs, blaming Nayan for freeing her hand.

Mansi calls everyone for help, writhing in severe pain and pretending to bleed. Sam and everyone rush to her. Mansi begs Samrat to take her to the hospital as she is scared for her baby. Malathi offers to take her to the hospital. Muncie insists that Sam take her to the doctor. Nayan says they should go to hospital. Sam agrees to Mansi and takes her to the doctor. Nayan explains how Mansi freed her hand herself. Aaliya accuses Nayan of intentionally hurting Mansi. The doctor comes out and informs Sam that Mansi has miscarried and is mentally weak, so she needs everyone’s support, especially Samrat. She asks Sam to visit Muncie. Alia keeps blaming Nayan. Sam walks into Muncie’s room. Mansi cries that she lost her baby to get Sam’s sympathy and blames Nayan. Sam says Nayan told Mansi that she freed her hand herself. Mansi continues that Nayan hates her and killed her child to take revenge on her.

The police arrive to arrest Nayan. Mansi says Nayan should go to jail. Sam asks her not to. Mansi continues the fake drama. Mohit tells the inspector that he can’t arrest Nayan as she was helping Mansi instead. The inspector refuses to listen and arrests Nayan. Sam also fails to convince the inspector. Aaliya is happy about this and congratulates Mansi on the success of her plan. Mansi recalls using a bag of blood to fake her abortion and says it was the only way to get Naiyan out of Sam’s life. Aaliya asks what are her future plans. Manmsi says now Sam will bring her home. The doctor comes in. Mansi thanks her for her help and promises to reward her soon. Dkotor says that her name should not be involved in all this. Mansi agrees. Sam enters and asks Muncy to return her case in exchange for money or whatever she wants. Mansi starts emotional blackmail again and asks him to return her baby. Sam says he can’t do that, but he’ll give her whatever she wants. Mansi demands to let her stay in his house. Sam says he knew that and agrees. Mansi says he will marry her too.

Preparation: Nayan returns home and asks Mansi why she is still here. Mansi says Samrat himself allowed her to stay in his house. Sam agrees. Nayan tells Ishana that Sam will marry Mansi after divorcing her, so she will leave this house. Prem asks her not to do this. Mansi tortures Prem for favoring Nayan.

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