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Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th March 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Samrat asks Mansi to leave from there and pushes her. Malathi bangles fall from Mansi’s pallu. Malati identifies them. Nayanthara says these are the bangles Samrat bought for Malathi. Samrat asks Mansi why she stole Amma’s bangles. Mansi starts her emotional drama and says she stole it to sell it and buy a house for her child. Sam asks her to stop lying and says he can’t believe she would stoop so low. He says it’s good that she came back into his life and showed him her true colors. He asks her to leave immediately. Aaliya stops him and asks how could drama be created and tortured through a fake IT raid. Sam warns her to stop her drama as he knows she’s in gloves with Muncie. Mansi shouts how could he believe Nayan and blame his sister. Sam recalls how she deleted Mansi’s CCTV footage, helped her block his number in Nayan’s mobile, pushed Nayan into the water tank, etc.

Mansi confesses her crimes and describes how much she hates Nayan. She says that he put mom in jail for Nayan and reminds him that whoever he is today is because of her mom, otherwise he would have ended up in some garbage. Sam says he’s suffering because of her sins and he’s a rock star because of his talent, not just his mom’s help. He asks if he will disown her and kick her out of the house. Sam says he won’t. Alia screams and leaves. Sam asks Munsi to leave immediately. Mansi acts as a collapse. The next morning Muncie opens her eyes and tells Sam that she did all this for her child and has changed. Sam refuses to believe her. Mansi begs Nayan next. Nayan says she is not stupid to repeat the same mistake and asks her to leave. Sam says everything is clear now and asks Munsi to come out immediately. As they leave, Mansi angrily throws things.

Nayan cleans the house and fumes on Samrat, creating a fake drama about IT raids and messing up the house. She asks him who will clean the house. He says she will. Their cute knock-jock begins. Then both laugh. Aaliya notices their chemistry and reminds Nayana that she has only been in the house for 4 months and has to leave after her and Sam’s divorce. Sam thinks he is right and shares his anxiety with Mohit. Mohit asks him to realize his feelings for Nayan with his eyes closed. Sam closes his eyes and imagines Nayan. Dil Sambhal jaa Zaraa.. the song is playing in the background. Mohit says he knows Sam since childhood and knows what he wants. Mansi hears their conversation and thinks that she will not let Sam and Nayan live peacefully. She goes to Prem and reminds him that he wants to stay with the boy’s parents, so he has to convince Sam to let her stay with them. Prem says Nayan taught him that all dreams cannot come true as God must have something better in store for them, now he wants to stay with Nayan and Samrat. Mansi is burning with anger.

Opening: Mansi loses her balance on the stairs and seeks Nayan’s help. Nayan holds her hand. She deliberately slips and rolls down the stairs. Samrat takes her to the hospital where the doctor is treating Mansi and says he has bad news for him.

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