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Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th February 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Nayanthara tells how she lied about killing Aaliya and identified her. Samrat says he knows she can’t kill Aaliya. Nayantara he made her so much that she really wanted to kill Aaliya, it proved that they are not made for each other and it is good that they will be separated today and then they can live apart from each other. Revathi thinks it’s fine if they break up as Sam questioned her through Nayan. Prem notices Nayan packing her bag and asks if she is going somewhere. Nayan says after the court hearing that she will get custody of him and he will become her own son. Prem asks if he can call her Nayan maa. She says she would like to hear it. Prem thinks he can’t let Nayan and Sam get divorced as he wants to stay with both of them. He calls Chint and informs him that Nayan and Sam are separating today. Chintu says this is good news, Nayan will escape from Uncle Sam’s atrocities. Prem says he wants to stay with both Nayan Maa and Sam. Chintu says they should respect Nayan’s wishes. Prem reminds Malathi of her wish that if Nayan and Sam stay together for 6 months, they will fall in love. Chintu says let’s plan something when Nayan drops him at their house.

Nayan drives Prem to Malathi’s house and goes to the court. Malati goes to the kitchen. Prem asks Chinta if he thought of any plan to undo Nayan and Sam’s divorce. Cheney says he searched online and learned that if a child is involved in a couple’s divorce and wants to stay with both parents, a judge will void the divorce. Prem asks how will they reach the court. Chintu informs Malathi that he is going to study with his friend and is taking Prem with him. Malati agrees. Nayan and Sam arrive at the court. Sam apologizes to Nayan for the trouble she got into because of him. She says everything is fine. He says they can be friends at least forever and have a warm relationship. Nayan agrees.

The court hearing begins and after Nayan and Sam listen to the plea, they immediately separate and say that in 2 days they will be officially divorced. Chintu enters with Prem and stops the judge. Prem says they are her parents and he wants to stay with them. The judge asks why they didn’t mention it was about a child and asks if the boy is their son. Sam says he is but… The judge doesn’t listen to them and asks Prem’s opinion. Prem says he loves his parents and wants to stay with them. He says he calls Sam Uncle because Sam hates when he calls him Dad. The judge scolds Sam for disenfranchising the child. Prem tells how his biological mother Mansi abandoned him in his biological father Sam’s house where his stepmother Nayan gave him motherly love so he wants to stay with his biological father and stepmother. The judge says that this guy has suffered a lot and she doesn’t want him to become a criminal. She orders that Sam and Nayan stay together with their son as a family for 6 months, then they decide on a divorce; a representative of the court will visit them every week and if they fail to properly care for the child, they will be held in contempt of court. Revathi resents that she has to carry Nayan and Prem for another 6 months.

Preparation: Sam takes Nayan and Prem to the pantry. The servant informs Revathi that Nayan and Prem left the house in the morning. Chintu comes to meet Nayan and informs her that she did not come to their house. Nayan and Prem tie Sam to a chair.

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