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Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th March 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

The IRS comes to raid Samrat’s house due to allegations of tax intrusion. Samrat says they got wrong information. Mohit says they are strict about taxes and in fact he manages the company’s taxes carefully. The officer then asks why they are afraid. Mansi asks Aaliya if she informed the IT department. Aliya says no. Samrat agrees to be tested. The officer says they need everyone’s cell phones until the raid is over and takes everyone’s cell phones. He and his team then search the house and find a bag with wads of money in Samrat’s room. Mohit tells Samrat that now he doesn’t know who gave the wrong tip. Samrat says they will not find anything. The officers go and ask what it is. Ishani says Raghav must have done this to take revenge from Rudra. Officers say they found this money in Samrat’s room. Samrat asks if he is a fool to keep such a big amount in his room. Ishani says she is sure that it is Raghav who is trying to catch Raghav.

The officer asks Samrat if the money is really not his. Samrat says no. The officer says that even then, until the case is resolved, his property and bank accounts will be sealed and he will only be able to take out his clothes. Sam and his family leave with their bags. Aaliya asks if they will stay in the hotel now. Sam says he doesn’t have money to even buy a bottle of water. Aliya asks where they will live now.

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