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Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th March 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Aaliya becomes intoxicated after drinking thandai/cold drink. Mansi realizes that Alia has mistakenly taken bhang mixed with thandai instead of nayan. Chintu and Prem laugh at her condition and recall seeing Mansi mixing bhang in the thandai and telling the servant to make sure only Nayan drinks it. They trick the servant and replace the glass. They continue to laugh at the memories as they stand at a distance. Mansi tries to control Alia and take her away from there. Aaliya says she wants to watch Nayan’s drama. Mansi drags her home from there.

Aaliya resists and warns her to stop pulling her. Mansi warns her to shut up. Aaliya gets angry and tells how she helped her delete the CCTV footage and pushed Nayan into the water tank etc. She says Mansi is nothing without her. Samrat hears their conversation and realizes that Nayan was right. He informs this to Mohit. Mohit says he already told him about Aaliya. Sam says that he still loves Alia and is shocked that Alia supported Mansi even knowing what she did to him. Mohit says lets face them right now. Sam says let’s wait until they find out why Muncie’s intentions are like this. Alia wakes up in the morning feeling dizzy. Mansi says it is hangover and informs her what she did yesterday. She says if Sam had listened to their conversation, he would have thrown her out of the house. Aaliya asks what are her future plans. Mansi asks her to wait and watch.

Sam comes to Nayan and says that the colors of holi are not disappearing from his body. Nayan suggests him to use coconut oil. Sam says he hates the smell of coconut oil. She describes the uses and importance of coconut and its products in everyday life. He asks her to put it on him as he can’t stand the smell of it. She asks why would she. He says she was just acting as a coconut brand ambassador, so she should help him. Their knock jock continues. She agrees and applies coconut oil on his body. They feel connected to each other. Dil Sambhaljaa Zaraa… the song is playing in the background.

After a while, Sam walks into the hallway. Mansi deliberately bumps into him and apologizes. She then acts like she can feel her baby kicking and forcefully holds his hand on her stomach to feel it. Sam pulls his hand away and says he can’t feel anything. Mansi swears he can and says he missed that experience when she was pregnant with Prem. She says that Prem wants a normal life in the presence of both parents, so she wants to go back to him for Prem’s sake. Sam says he’ll think about it. Mansi insists that he must. The servant informs him that the IT officers have arrived. Sam descends. I-T officers say they got a tip-off that he was evading income tax and hiding cash in his house, so they raided his house.

Preparation: The IT specialist says they got a tip that Samrat was evading taxes and hiding money in his house. Sam tells the family that he didn’t evade taxes, the officers won’t get anything here. The officers find the money in Samrat’s room.

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