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Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th February 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Samrat asks Nayantara if she is showing his wife’s right to him and reminds them that they are getting divorced in 2 days. Nayanthara says she doesn’t want to be his wife and is just protecting him from Mansi and Raghav’s humiliation. Sam leaves, saying he’ll go get a drink. Nayan stops him and says his behavior shows that he still loves Mansi. Sam asks if she thinks she can read his mind, she doesn’t understand him at all. Nayan asks him to stop being hypocritical, he used to dance with Mansi and let her kiss him. He says he stopped her and asks what does it mean to her if Mansi kissed her. Nayan says yes. Sam warns her to stop treating his wife and leave him alone. Nayan returns to the party and waits for him till late night, thinks why should she bother, let him be in some dump.

She then thinks she should go check and goes out to find that Samrat has left in his car. She thinks how he will leave her alone. Mansi comes to her clapping her hands and taunts her that Samrat left his girlfriend alone, she gets angry with him. Nayan says why her, Samrat has gone for some important work. Mansi says let her stop comforting her heart as she will go home now. Raghav says that she will be abandoned. Nayan warns Mansi to focus on her own relationship instead of snooping on others and leaves in a taxi, leaving Mansi fuming. She returns home and, seeing Sam sitting in his room, very drunk, takes out her anger on him.

Sam breaks down and asks why Muncie left him for someone else, he loves her unconditionally. He describes his and Munsi’s love story and cuts to a flashback where he marries his college sweetheart, Munsi, but Munsi wanted a life of luxury; he looked for a break, but could not get it; Mansi humiliates him and demands a luxurious and successful life; she left him after 1 year and went to rich Raghav. He further mentions that he is heartbroken after that, Revathi advised him to trust only her and Alia and no one else; he worked hard and became a rock star Samrat. Out of a flash, he says that Mansi came back after 5 years and dumped her son on him as she is now pregnant with Raghav’s child and wants to marry Raghav. Nayan asks if he hates Prem for this reason. He says yes and breaks down even more. She comforts him and puts him to sleep. Dil Sambhaljaa Zaraa… the song is playing in the background. She thinks that now she has understood how emotional he is and why he hates Prem, she won’t let him break her.

Malathi meets a crying Nayan and tells that Ishani is no more. Nayan is shocked and asks how is this possible. Malathi says that she got a call saying that the car in which Mohit and Ishani were traveling fell off a cliff and they both died. She blames Samrat for the accident. Nayan says how is it possible as Sam was with her in the party. Malathi says monster Samrat can do anything and reminds how Sam was bothering them. Nayan says Sam doesn’t even know that Mohit and Ishani were in Shimla. Malathi says she knows as he tapped her phone.

Opening: Nayan throws water on Sam, wakes him up, accuses Ishani of killing him and decides to take revenge on him. She then kills Alia.

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