Here we are talking about Malala day, International Malala Day is celebrated on 12 July every year to give a salute to the Pakistani activist, Malala Yousafzai. Who now operates for women’s freedom to education around the world, was never authorized to join the school as a young girl. But she has taken the decision on her own condition, she did not agree with it and denied staying at home. She fight against this and supported education being given to young girls and got almost murdered as well for that. You will find more things in the next paragraph.

What was Malala’s speech?

The 16 year old Malala on 12 July 2013, convey a formal speech at the headquarters of
United Nations. She put the light on the condition for education for the ladies to reform their guidelines for worldwide access. The teenager takes many rounds of standing ovations for her excellent lecture. Read the complete article for the entire information.

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What is the history of Malala day?

Mala’s birthdate is July 12, hence the UN promptly announced that the day will now be celebrated as “Malala Day” to honor the young activist. This date has been decided for Malala day. She is a very strong woman, who is the inspiration for the girls. She did several inspirational works, which makes her a more strong and more inspiring woman.

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Who is Malala?

Her birthplace is Mingora, Pakistan on 12 July 1997, and Malala started advocating for the rights of women in education in 2008. She was well known for the point that the Taliban, for decades, has been against females’ education. Malala had an article about her life in BBC Urdu, this was at the time of the Taliban occupation of Swat. She soon gained public consideration from media all over the world and gave various interviews in media outlets and TV shows.

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Let us tell you the teenager was attacked in October 2012 by Taliban gunmen and that was a tough and critical situation. Her bus has been hijacked by the Taliban and Malala was shot in the neck and the head as well. After the immediate treatment in Pakistan, she was transferred to the United Kingdom for further healing. After passing nine months she was shot on her 16th birthday, and the fearless girl give a speech at UN headquarters.

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What are the most interesting and important facts about Malala?

  1. When Malala was only 17 years old, she awarded with Nobel Peace Prize and become the youngest girl to receive it.
  2. After the violent assassination attempt on the teenager, Pakistan made the first Right to Education Bill.
  3. Malala created havoc as she expressed “Every youngster’s right to education” at the UN on 12 July 2013.
  4. Malala has been awarded more than 40 awards and honors for her fanatic and persistent bravery. University of King’s College gave the honor her an honorary doctorate in 2014.
  5. When the fearless girl turned in 18 years old, she opened up a girl’s school for Syrian refugees. She called on the leaders from over the world to deliver ‘books and not bullets’.
  6. Now several know that an asteroid was named Malala in 2015.
  7. she has made her identity all over the world and she is doing great work in the present time as well. People respect her and She is a role model for the girls. She has proved that girls are not less than others and they can do anything in their life if they have a desire for their work. She has reputed in the community and around the world. Stay connected for more updates.

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