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A frightening video is going viral on social networking sites and gaining a large amount of attention. The film depicts a terrifying moment in which a worker lost his life over a little fault that may be remedied, but some people’s tolerance is so poor that they don’t even stop to think twice before killing someone’s life. This report plainly shows that people’s hostility is becoming pretty severe, and they are killing individuals for trivial reasons. One such incidence occurred in a well-known fast food business when a worker died as a result of cold fries.

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Matthew Webb Murder Video Link

According to the cops, the employee died on Friday, August 5, 2022. Matthew Webb, 23, “lost his life owing to his terrible injuries” after being shot on Monday outside of the Bedford-Stuyvesant fast-food restaurant where he formerly worked. The cops filed a report and began an investigation. According to the authorities, the attack “has been classified as manslaughter.” On Friday afternoon, police issued a statement saying that they are still investigating the shooting and detained the gunman. The entire action has been captured on camera and is making the rounds on the internet.

Why Was Michael Morgan Arrested?

According to authorities, Michael Morgan, 20, has already been charged with attempted homicide and criminal possession of a loaded revolver for opening fire at Webb in his rage about his mother having cold fries. According to authorities, he might face increased accusations of manslaughter, and his attorneys alerted him of a court appearance on Thursday, August 4, 2022, even before Webb’s death. The dead were operating at the Fulton Street diner on the afternoon of Monday, August 1, 2022, when Morgan’s mom, Lisa Fulmore, complained to the staff working that her flames were wet and cold and claimed that she wanted to speak with the restaurant’s manager.

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Who is Michael Morgan Why Was Michael Morgan Arrested

What are the Charges & Allegations against Michael Morgan

When the employees started making a mockery of her, Fulmore went live with Morgan, went to the diner, and got into an argument with Webb that spilled out onto the pavement. The defendant hit Webb in the face, and when he received assistance, he pulled out his revolver and shot him. According to the attorneys, he was shot in the neck. The accused’s mother told detectives that her son told her that he would do whatever he wanted.” Camellia Dunlap, the suspect’s lover, has also been charged with possessing firearms and passing them on to her boyfriend.

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