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It is with a heavy heart to share with our readers that a first-year postgraduate student at Kakatia Medical College, Hyderabad was pronounced dead after a suicide attempt on Wednesday 22nd February 2023. According to sources, the medical student has been identified as D Preethi, who was reported dead on Sunday night. She died of her injuries on Sunday night, four days after her alleged suicide attempt, it is said. It’s horrible to hear that someone could take her life like this because she was a brilliant student in medical school, enrolling to fulfill her dream.

A 26-year-old medical student, D Preethi, attempted to take his own life on Wednesday 22 February. According to the police report, Preethi took the step after she was harassed by her seniors at Kakatiya Medical College. She was found unconscious after working the night shift at MGM Hospital and was moved to Hyderabad in critical condition. At present, the case has been arrested. Based on a complaint from Preethi’s father, Mohammed Ali Saif, a second-year graduate student, has been arrested by the police on charges of rags, abetting suicide and harassment under the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act.

Who is D Preethi?

During the investigation, the victim’s mobile phone was detained in it, and there were call notifications in the Whatsapp chat records and the defendant’s mobile phone. Meanwhile, the victim’s father, Narende, said they had complained about the senior student to college and hospital authorities but no action was taken. Now, the victim’s family is refusing to have the body removed from NIMS in Hyderabad for post-mortem and then back to their hometown for final burial.

Now, students at the Hyderabad academy are starting to worry. More students will be detained as more people become involved in the horrific crime that took the life of a gifted student. Several lambada tribal unions also started protesting in front of NIMS in Hyderabad, Kakatiya Medical College and MGM Hospital in Warangal.

Health Minister T Harish Rao paid tribute to D Preethi as it was so painful, and offered her heartfelt condolences to her family who suffered the excruciating pain. They lost their beloved daughter. Rao said the NIMS team of doctors worked for hours to save Dr Preethi, but there was nothing they could do as her condition deteriorated. Preethi’s family will receive all necessary support.

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