Andy Horner

The fashion and jewelry design industries were met with a piece of heartbreaking news as they learned of the passing of a popular figure, Andy Horner. The founder of Premier Designs, Andy Horner, sadly passed away aged 98, according to his family on Sunday. Since his death, many people, including celebrities, have paid tribute to him and offered their condolences to his family.

As of this writing, the cause of Andy’s death has not been confirmed. It is speculated that he passed away naturally due to his advanced age, but the cause of his death has not been confirmed.

Andy Horner was born in Belfast, Ireland, and married his childhood friend, Joan Horner. He returned from World War II in 1945 and spent the rest of his career managing Xerox Corporation, Home Interior and Gifts, Johnson Wax, and many more. His wife was always by his side and served as Executive Vice President of Premiers.

The loss of Andy Horner has been mourned by many. His family has not released any plans for his funeral or obituary. We will keep you updated with more details as they become available.

Andy Horner’s life was a testament to resilience and dedication. He was an exemplary figure in the fashion and jewelry design industries, and his name will continue to be remembered and honored. Our thoughts are with his family during this difficult time.

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