Rollie Bands, a Florida rapper, was killed over the weekend after challenging his opponents to meet him at his residence. The incident occurred only minutes after Bands issued a message on social media to his opponents. Soon later, authorities received a call stating that a man had been shot in the parking lot of an apartment complex. This was eventually revealed to be the parking lot outside Band’s house when the young rapper was shot by his rivals.

The alleged shooter, on the other hand, left the scene. According to police reports, as soon as officers arrived on the scene, they transported the rapper to a local hospital, where he regrettably died from his injuries.

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According to Fox 13, Bands was followed all the way home and shot just outside his apartment. According to preliminary investigations, Bands was acquainted with the suspect(s).

Rollie Bands was a renowned hip-hop musician from Tampa, Florida, known for songs such as Struggle, Close Ties, and many others. He was active on social media, with almost 5400 followers on Instagram.

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Tributes pour in for Rollie Bands on social media

Netizens swarmed social media with condolences and condolence messages after learning of the young rapper’s tragic death.

Many netizens also used this occasion to discuss how social media can be a dangerous place to expose your locations, citing the Florida rapper’s death as a result of defying his competitors and exposing his whereabouts on social media.

This is not the first time rivals have killed a hip-hop musician. KTS Dre was assassinated in Chicago in July 2021, just outside the Cook County prison in Little Village. Two armed men opened fire on the 31-year-old musician as he was being released from jail. Similarly, Supa Gates was filmed in April 2021 at St John’s Place.

In the instance of Rollie Bands, the killer(s) have yet to be identified, and no arrests have been made.

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