Who Is Roel Degamo?

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Filipino politician and former Negros Governor Roel de Garmo has died at the age of 56. Nearly six men armed with assault rifles got out of three SUVs and opened fire on him, the sources said. According to reports, the gunman, dressed in military uniform, shot and killed a governor and five civilians. The incident happened Saturday when provincial leaders were meeting villagers at their homes in the central Philippines. News of the incident was confirmed by officials and relatives. Nearly nine other people were also shot in the incident.

The attack occurred around 9:35 a.m. on Saturday, March 4, 2023, while the governor was meeting with beneficiaries of a poverty reduction program outside his home in Pamplona, ​​when several assailants got out of an SUV and opened fire. The President’s Office issued a statement and wrote, “While Governor De Garmore was speaking with some of his constituents in front of his home, a group of men in Army and Navy uniforms and full combat gear riding two SUVs drove towards the Governor. gun several times”. Continue reading this article to find out more details here.

Who is Roel Degamo?

Roel Degamo’s wife, Janice Degamo, the city’s mayor, also said the governor was pronounced dead at 11:41 a.m. She said, “Governor Dergamore didn’t deserve that kind of death sentence. On Saturday, he served his constituents with his department heads. There were five other people who died with him, and they were there, and they asked for help” . Police also released a statement saying four people were injured.

Well, the motive for the assassination is unclear, but police say there is a massive manhunt for up to 10 suspects. “Roadblocks have been set up throughout the area,” a police spokesman said. In response, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. also stated, “I condemn in the strongest possible terms the assassination of the current Governor, Roel Degamo.” Until we bring to justice the perpetrators of this despicable and heinous crime, we The government will not stop.”

Lanao del Sur Governor Mamintal Alonto Adiong Jr. was wounded last month when unidentified assailants opened fire on his convoy. Two days later, an ambush killed the deputy mayor of Aparri, Cagayan province. Until now, the police have not made any arrests as they are working hard to find those criminals.

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