Four-Year-Old Girl

Dog attacks have been on the rise in recent times, with several people falling victim to these attacks. Unfortunately, one such incident occurred in Milton Keynes, where a four-year-old girl was brutally attacked by a dog and did not survive.

On the evening of Tuesday 31 January 2023, reports of a dog attacking a student in the backyard of Broadlands in Netherfield were received. Emergency personnel were quickly dispatched to the scene, but were unable to rescue the child and she was pronounced dead at the scene. The dog was later humanely destroyed, according to Thames Valley Police.

The police are currently investigating the case and trying to find out if there was any wrongdoing behind the attack. However, no arrests have been made yet and the police are not releasing the student’s name or other information about the family. The entire road and surrounding communities were blocked by armed police, while locals were advised to stay home until the dog was trapped.

Superintendent Matt Bullivant referred to the incident as “absolutely tragic” and added that the police are analyzing everything to detain a four-year-old girl over what happened. If the police have any information in relation to the incident, they will seek the public’s help. People can call 101 and use reference number 20230131-1546 or submit reports online.

This is a heartbreaking incident and our thoughts are with the family of the victim. We urge everyone to be extra cautious and stay safe. If you have any information related to the incident, do not hesitate to reach out to the police.

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