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Making movies online is one of the most popular methods to get money. There are also a lot of rivalries online, as people compete to keep and maximize their audience. Some YouTubers have proposed a reason why YouTube granted them strikes so frequently.

We’re here to speak about the YouTube attacks on Markipiller. Many were curious as to why they couldn’t see their videos online. That is why the inventor described how his videos are collecting numerous likes and dislikes. Let us discover more about this debate online, as well as the YouTuber’s scandal.

According to reports, Markipiller put a video online a few days ago that received a lot of views. However, after re-editing the film and publishing it online, the network’s team gave it another round of online strikes. They have requested that the film contain explicit content.

For more explicit stuff, which is why the video of him received many hits. Markipiller discussed his video with other broadcasters in a different video. Luke Moist was charged with breaching the violent strike, and graphic content material was attached to him. YouTube also stated that the video broke the platform’s rules and guidelines and was intentionally removed.

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The video earned strikes and was accused of breaking the rules. It was apparent that a man had been beaten. Two other people stood nearby, watching as the other person was beaten up. They were also laughing. Markpiller’s given name is Mark Edwards. He claimed that the video included nothing offensive, however, the other individual in the video did.

According to Moist, the video was simply frightening. Because there was violence, but it had nothing to do with blood or violence, which is against the platform’s standards. Moist stated in a Tweet that the video contains nothing objectionable and that he merely stank in it; there wasn’t anything wrong with it.

While Edward stated that nothing was being done to violate YouTube’s rights. Moist even stated that he was protected by Mark in the clip and that he was Moist’s rescuer in that video. Mark is considered one of the most regular and well-known web designers.

Several individuals were taken aback when he was arrested for a clip that had no aggression. YouTube has had an impact on another developer entitled Night docs. He stated that he received a strike due to the same SpongeBob Road Rampage footage. For more latest updates and news visit

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