Who is Kyle Fraser

The OG islanders were shown enjoying their Casa Amor phase on the current episode of Love Island USA Season 4, which arrived on August 9.

Casa Amor is a villa identical to the Love Island property that has been featured in the show to test the loyalty of the original couples. Deb is at the villa where new 6 male islanders have reached in the latest episode. She was observed being drawn to Kyle Fraser, who acknowledged having his eyes on her as immediately as he walked into the villa.

Viewers were relieved to see the two get along after being unimpressed with Deb and Jesse’s interpersonal dynamics.

Jesse, on the other hand, is in the Casa Amor villa with 6 additional female islanders. The original participants have been split by gender, with guys going to Casa Amor and girls going to the villa.

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Love Island USA fans want Deb to choose Kyle over Jesse

Fans of Love Island USA have grown tired of Jesse and Deb’s connection. Deb doubted her connection with Jesse when they were dubbed the “most one-sided relation” couple.

Deb was sceptical of the latter’s promise to contribute more to their partnership. Deb got a breath of fresh air with Casa Amor, as she met anyone who shared her ideas. In the most recent episode of Love Island USA 2022, she and Kyle hit it off right away.

Love Island USA fans want Deb to choose Kyle over Jesse

Kyle agreed with Deb’s assessment that the birds were artificial, and they were also spotted kissing. She even stated that she didn’t miss Jesse when she was dating Kyle. Fans support the new couple and urge her to choose Kyle over Jesse.

While Love Island USA watchers enjoy Deb and Kyle’s relationship, let’s discover who the Casa Amor Islander is.

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Who is Kyle Fraser?

Kyle S. Fraser, 29, is a model from Buffalo, New York. He works as a wedding model. Kyle’s sister, Kayla, explained the job on his Instagram story because she’s in charge of the profile while he’s at Casa Amor.

Kyle is a nutritionist, fitness instructor, and stretch therapist in addition to modeling and acting. He’s even competed in a few bodybuilding competitions. He has a girl crush on Emily Bett Rickards, per his Love Island USA bio.

Meanwhile, he wants to pursue his connection with Deb further. In the most recent episode, they were shown getting cozy and intimate.

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