Who Is Jose Castro A 24-Year-Old Man From Ohio Killed His Wife, What Happened Reason Explained

Akron police officials revoked an amber warning for a youngster who was reported missing following a gunshot. According to police, the little child who was taken after the gunshot arrived without any form of injury or harm to the young child. When the authorities located him, they revoked the amber warning they had issued since the youngster was healthy, unharmed, and in good shape. Apart from canceling the missing or amber warning, the police issued another alert to apprehend the culprit who shot the mother of the kid at the time of the incident. Let’s go through the kidnapping and shooting of the Akron youngster in great detail.

On September 18, 2022, police responded to a gunshot incident in the South Akon neighborhood. When the cops came, they discovered a critically injured lady, and the CCTV showed that the kid who was with the woman was no longer in the vicinity because the man who killed the mom of the 4-year-old kid, stole the kid. Fabian Claudio- Castro, a four-year-old boy, was identified. The gunman was none other than the father of the child, but he was armed. And he killed his child’s mother. When the authorities were unable to locate the youngster, they issued an amber alert.

Who Is Jose Castro A 24-Year-Old Man From Ohio Killed His Wife

Police dropped the prior amber notice late Monday night since the youngster was located uninjured and was placed at the police headquarters without any wounds. He was secure. Fabio’s dad is still not in custody and is free to go. Concerning the child’s mother, she is being examined in the hospital after suffering many bullet wounds and is presently in serious condition. When the incident occurred, cops responded quickly and rescued the lady by rushing her to the hospital. The father abducted the youngster, and CCTV Video evidence clearly showed both the gunshot and the abduction.

The officers are currently seeking the young guy, the child’s father, who is claimed to be 24 and loaded. Authorities have issued an alert in order to locate the suspect, and they have also shared a photograph of his internet in an effort to locate him and obtain public aid. Castro, Fabio’s father, is 5’9 tall, has brown eyes and hair, and weight 132 pounds. Castro was last seen dressed in black shorts and a white t-shirt. Anyone with knowledge of Castro or his location is encouraged to call 911 quickly, and authorities have warned everyone to be careful since he is armed.

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