Five Texas college students have been charged with murder in connection with the death of a Texas Christian University freshman in 2019. While they were flirting, one of the kids allegedly pushed Jack Elliot off a boat. According to the witness, Elliot fell from the bow of a 22-foot yacht while flirting with Delaney Brennan, 21. In October 2019, the event occurred on the waters of Lake Travis, a man-made lake northwest of Austin.
Delaney was “kissing” Jack, 19 when she offered him a “playful shove.” Jack fell from the boat and drowned in the lake that evening after colliding with a propeller. However, the adolescents on the boat at the time allegedly attempted to conceal the facts by lying to officials. They pled innocence to Jack’s relatives and threw their wine bottles overboard.

The real details of the occurrence were exposed in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by Jack’s relatives in 2020. Another girl onboard the boat, Elle Weber, alleged in a sworn declaration in the complaint, “Delaney and Jack were in front of the boat, cuddling and kissing.”

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Jack tumbled from the boat when she gave him a “playful little push.” In an affidavit, another youngster stated that Delaney continued screaming, “He fell! I had no intention of pushing him.”
Delaney, a modeling student now in her twenties,  said she received a tattoo of Jack’s initials on her wrist following his death to remember herself how much “he loved life.” 


Delaney is now one of five students charged with a crime. She was charged with criminal tampering with evidence after assisting in the deletion of a smartphone recording. She faces up to ten years in prison and a $10,000 fine. On August 17, Delaney will appear in Travis County Criminal Court for a pre-trial hearing.

On the day of the accident, 12 university students were partying and wakeboarding. The facts behind Jack’s death remained unknown until Weber revealed months later that she had not given the police the entire story.
Carson Neel, whose father Billy operated the Northshore Marina, led the boating adventure in 2019. According to the Orange County Register, Carson advised the group where the life jackets were stored but did not provide any other safety advice to his buddies. When Jack fell off the boat, the others on board used their smartphone flashlights to find him.

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