Who Is Ishrat Akhtar

Here’s some important news: the name Ishrat Akhtar has suddenly surfaced on the web. Individuals are seeking her name on the web due to their desire to learn more about her. Ishrat Akhtar is a multi-faceted figure from the Baramulla area of North Kashmir. She was Kashmir’s first international wheelchair basketball player and is now a motivational speaker. Ishrat Akhtar is a gifted artist who saw her physical handicap as a favor. Ishrat Akhtar is now generating news on social media sites. We have more details concerning the topic here, which we will share with you in this post.

According to the article, Ishrat Akhtar has been named Kashmir’s first international wheelchair basketball player. It is a great occasion for his family and country. She saw her physical disability as a blessing and served as a role model for others. She serves as an example to others. She demonstrated to others that they should never give up in any scenario. She is an inspiration to others, and they should take from her. You’ve come to the correct place to learn about the latest information, so kindly read the entire article.

Who Is Ishrat Akhtar Kashmir's 1st Wheelchair Basketball Player & Motivational Speaker

Ishrat Akhtar has represented the nation at both the international and national levels, and she is now a motivational speaker. Her remarks are especially beneficial to individuals who are physically handicapped. Ishrat Akhtar told the press that on August 24, 2016, she was in an accident in which her spine was shattered. She is now permanently crippled and must live the entirety of her life in a wheelchair. She used to be a healthy rural girl until she fell from her balcony. Go down this page for further facts.

According to the source, Akhter encountered several challenges following the accident, including doubts about her ability to stand on her own again. She was also under mental duress. Despite her struggles, she was given a chance and is currently one of the most successful people. She claims that one day she went to the indoor stadium in Srinagar, where the Wheelchair India Federation runs a camp, and she was chosen for the national level. We have supplied all of the data that we have. For more information, visit Alltrendyposts.

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