How did Darryl Hunt die

Again we are here with the sad news that Darryl Hunt passed away on Monday at the age of 72, and the whole music world has lost another amazing artist. Let’s see what happens. Darryl Hunt’s death and the reason for the death of Pogues bassist in detail.

How did Darryl Hunt die?

The Pogues’ fans have heartbroken news. The news was confirmed by the punk band’s official Twitter account, which expressed “sadness beyond words” after the musician died on Monday in London, United Kingdom.

The band posted a picture of the bassist carrying a guitar case. They write the lyrics of their song “Love You Till the End,”.

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Darryl Hunt’s cause of death explains

The membership of The Pogues has expressed “beyond words” sorrow over the death of bassist Darryl Hunt. According to a brief statement issued by the band. The bassist was born in Hampshire.

A spokesman for the group, fronted by vocalist Shane MacGowan, announced on social media: “Our sadness has no boundaries.” Darryl left for London yesterday afternoon.”

Darryl Hunt’s cause of death remained unclear because his relatives have not made an official notification. We will edit this page as soon as we receive formal news from his family.

Darryl Hunt cause of death

What is the Darryl Hunt Musical Journey

Prior to joining the Pogues as bassist in 1986, Hunt was a member of the pub rock bands Plummet Airlines and the Favourites.

The band’s 1988 CD If I Should Fall from Grace with God includes the controversial Christmas tune “Fairytale of New York,” which also incorporates Hunt’s playing. Hunt and his Pogues comrades also appeared on Steve Earle’s Copperhead Road that year, backing the album’s author on the song “Johnny Come Lately.”

Hunt remained with the Pogues until their demise in 1996. He also appeared in the Vendettas for a short time alongside Spider Stacy and Andrew Ranken.

Following the band’s re-emergence in 2001, all three would return with the Pogues, remaining with them until their breakup in 2014.

Hunt’s “Love You Till The End,” which also plays a big role in Richard LaGravenese’s 2007 film P.S. I Love You, serves as the soundtrack’s opening track.

Hunt’s song was included in the credits of the 1999 hockey film Mystery, Alaska, directed by Jay Roach.

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