Who is Britt Barbie TikTok's Viral Song Challenge Explained As Bebe Rexha And Chloe Bailey Join The Trend

Britt Barbie (@brittbarbie3), a famous TikToker, has adapted her favorite slogan into a viral song.

The video-sharing software allows bright people a forum to demonstrate their abilities, and they sometimes become popular enough to become viral. Makers can also be discovered by celebrities, who can assist them in gaining greater popularity on the app.

Rapper Baby Tate heard Britt Barbie’s song and decided to add her own rap line to it using TikTok’s duet function. This aided the sound’s popularity, and now superstars such as Bebe Rexha and Chloe Bailey have adopted the trend.

Britt Barbie is a TikTok maker who became popular earlier this year after stating she had no idea her hair sprouted from the top of her head. Fans picked up on the TikToker’s use of the word “Period Ahh” at the conclusion of her statements and turned it into her slogan.

The phrases “period” and “full stop” highlight the end of a sentence. It’s a statement used to end a speech by stating that nothing further can be said to it. The “ah” sound has been popularised by African American musicians and Hip Hop culture, who incorporate it into their tunes and raps.

Britt Barbie subsequently posted a video in which she repeated the sentence with several accents. The video quickly became popular on TikTok, with over a million hits. Baby Tate, a hip-hop performer, later picked it up. She performed a duet with the clip and provided her own verse. This caused TikTok, which was already popular, to go viral.

At the moment of writing, Britt Barbie’s original TikTok has over 22 million visitors and 2.7 million likes. Famous producers and stars are also employing viral sound in their videos. Bebe Rexha, Alyssa McKay, and Chloe Bailey have all created duet videos for the adolescent app TikTok.

While a complete version of the song is already available on YouTube, supporters are now requesting that Baby Tate share a full version of her performance of the song. The hip-hop artist has not yet reacted to the song, although he did mention it in a tweet.

Britt Barbie Went Viral Earlier This Year

In February 2022, TikToker got viral after sharing a video regarding hair growth. She seemed astonished in the video and informed her admirers that she had no idea hair sprouted from the scalp.

Her video quickly went viral, with over 400k hits and 30k likes. Many viewers were left wondering if TikToker was speaking the truth or kidding. It did, although, aid Britt Barbie’s climb to TikTok popularity.

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