Footage of AAP MLA Baljinder Kaur has apparently gone popular on social networking sites. The MLA is beaten by her partner in the footage. In front of the public, the lady MLA is slapped by her spouse. The video has gone viral and is generating a lot of talks all over the web.

Baljinder Kaur, the assailant, has been recognized. Baljinder Kaur represents the AAP in Bhatinda, Punjab. Baljinder Kaur and her hubby are seen bickering in the viral video, and afterward, her spouse slaps her viciously in a fit of rage. Sukhraj Singh is the alleged husband’s name. Sukhraj hits her wife, MLA Baljinder Kaur, right in front of the public, and the others around them hurry to prevent him, dragging Sukhraj away from further abusing Baljinder. The terrible event occurred at their apartment in Talwandi Sabo and was captured on a CCTV camera.

The video clip lasts 50 seconds and was posted on July 10th. B  but it was only recently released and has caused quite a stir on the internet. Public. The viral video has caused quite a stir throughout the world. This act has enraged all and has angry others. Baljinder Kaur is a two-term Talwandi Sabo MLA. She has not made a police report on her husband, but the Punjab Women’s Committee has taken up the matter.


Manisha Gulat, the chairperson of the Punjab Women’s Commission, revealed that she has seen the footage and is outraged. She said that the lady who speaks on behalf of others is being attacked in her house. Manisha Gulati went on to say that they are serving a suo moto letter on Sukjinder Singh. Internet users have taken to social networking sites to express their displeasure with spouse.

Several individuals are calling for his imprisonment. Every person has been taken aback by the occurrence. Nobody could have predicted that such a great leader would be subjected to such brutality at the house by her husband. Despite this, Baljinder Kaur has yet to issue an official comment about the event. Everyone is looking forward to MLA Baljinder Kaur’s remarks. We will keep you updated on all developments and information in this matter as they become available. Stay connected for the most recent and breaking news.

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