Who Is Antioch Duo Charged with Murder after Racine Man is Shot Dead During Drug Deal

Police officers have named two primary suspects in this gruesome murder case. As per sources, the dead guy went to the flat to sell narcotics and was killed by shots by both major suspects. Jonathan N Skruko, 28, and Hailey D Miller, 24, have been named as the primary suspects.

According to sources, both of the suspects are Antioch locals. Jonathan and Hailey both face first-degree murder charges. Robbie Dickerson, 42, of Racine, has been confirmed as the dead victim.

As per sources, the heinous crime occurred on Monday, September 5, at 11 p.m. The violent gunfight occurred at a flat on Main Street, when the victim, Robbie Dickerson, proceeded to sell narcotics and was shot and killed by the attackers.

According to media sources, both attackers left the scene after shooting dead him. Jonathan and Hailey, the key culprits, were both apprehended by police at a motel on Route 41 on Wednesday, September 7. Jonathan and Hailey were quickly apprehended, and the police confiscated five rounds of ammunition from them.

Who Is Antioch Duo Charged with Murder

The police personnel delivered the news of his terrible act. The arrests of both suspects, Jonathan and Hailey, were confirmed by police investigators. All reports and changes in the investigation have been made public by police investigators.

Antioch authorities are actively looking into the situation, and they may soon provide further details and updates. The authorities have been investigating this matter, and we may expect some developments from them in the near future. The assassination of Robbie Dickerson stunned everyone. The terrible tragedy stunned the whole neighborhood.

This gunfire frightened the occupants of the residential complex. There is presently little material available on the dead victim Robbie Dickerson. While our study team is currently searching into it, we may receive some details soon and will keep you updated. Stay connected for the most recent news, and statistics.

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