Presently, many disputes are growing their wings on social media platforms, and almost always, these disagreements, better known as agonist exploits, resulting in an unexpected issue. Something similar has resurfaced as Twitch presenter “Adriana Chechik” continues to be the focus of much debate.

She fractured her back at a marketing activity conducted by Lenovo and Intel, but her absence caused a commotion as many people began looking for her because she should have been a part of the promotional actions. You may find detailed information as well as some unexpected truths below.

According to information or insiders, the Twitch broadcaster fractured her back at TwitchCon San Diego after jumping over from the pit, which was not acceptable because she had a wound, and she had to be sent to the doctor. But she doesn’t get there since she didn’t get there and her fans were waiting for her.

As a result, fans are waiting for precise data as well as the cause, so they can learn everything they can about the streamer. Because there were several streams accessible there, and her departure was harming the event as well. She didn’t make a single comment after the occurrence.


According to reports, the event was held on October 9th, 2022, with a large number of Twitch streamers taking part in the event and promotional activities. As a result, attendees at the San Diego Convention Center had the opportunity to see their favorite Twitch inventor, but Adriana was forced to depart due to a back ailment, which later sparked controversy despite the fact that it was not as serious as it was portrayed. But uncounted was missing her, as seen by their adoration on social networking sites, where they are sharing their feelings and tagging her.

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That’s because the news of her broken back broke on social media platforms, and numberless responses have begun to make the news, as uncounted are sharing their thoughts while hoping for her rapid recovery since she suffered a significant back injury that will take some time to heal.

As a result, her fans are giving her numerous comments while hoping for her recovery and hope that she can return to her regular life as soon as possible. So we have given such information here, and when something comes out, we will notify you, so stay connected and do visit

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