John McVicar, the renowned former armed criminal who escaped from Durham jail in 1968, has passed. He was 82 years old when he died. The report has spread around the web, capturing the interest of netizens. For those who are unaware, John was the topic of a movie featuring Roger Daltrey of the Who. The iconic thief went on to become a contentious criminal commentator and author. It has since been revealed that he has died. Check out this article to learn what occurred to him and how he died.

John McVicar, as per sources, died of a heart attack. It ended in his untimely death. In his dying minutes, he is claimed to have been surrounded by his dear ones. Individuals who worked with him are heartbroken to hear of his death and have paid sincere condolences to him. However, the reality that he passed after leading a memorable life makes his passing less painful for his dear ones.


When it came to John, was the child of a law-abiding couple named George and Diane. John, who was born in London, was a gifted student who succeeded in both athletics and academics. According to sources, McVicar was also a chess player, but his career took a sharp turn when he became interested in small crimes such as car theft and shoplifting. Because of his role in these offenses, he was arrested in 1956.

The individual was transported to an Essex detention facility, where he participated in his very first jailbreak. After serving a two-year prison sentence, he transitioned into armed robbery. Later, in 1964, John was arrested for stealing £1,000 from a jeweler. He was found guilty and sentenced to eight years in prison for the crime. He later married Sheila Wilshire after falling in love with her. Russell, the couple’s kid, was born. Despite his marriage, his criminal career persisted.

He was accused of attempting to steal an armored security truck and was sentenced to 15 years in prison. At the age of 26, John was sentenced to 23 years in prison, which tells volumes about the sort of life he has led. John began bodybuilding while doing his term in Durham. Later, he met Laurie Taylor, a sociologist, journalist, and writer who worked with inmates. Continue to follow Alltrendyposts for the more similar latest update as well as the most recent and current headlines from across the globe.

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