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A popular name is making headlines on social media. Former Buffy The Vampire Slayer Star Nicolas Brendon has been in the hospital for medical care. This news is circulating in a quick manner and people are trying to gain all the exact confirmations about him. The popular, actor, 51, was rushed to the hospital to the emergency room and is now “focusing on medical appointments.” People are showing their presence on social media to collect information about him.

What is the reason Nicolas Brendon’s hospitalization?

On the basis of the reports, his sister took to Instagram to post a lengthy note on the Criminal Minds actor’s behalf, mentioning his health issues. Her sister told her he has rushed to the hospital 2 weeks ago because of a cardiac incident. She shared about the spinal surgery last year. This is a tough time but he has to go with this and fight his illness.

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His sudden emergency medical care reason is “cardiac accident” including “tachycardia” and “arrhythmia.” She wrote that the actor has had to undergo spinal surgery. His last year’s surgery was also has been controversial. He suffered from “paralysis in his genitals” and legs. On the basis of the published report, his manager, Theresa Fortier explained that his apprehended for instruction fraud and having to sleep in a concrete-floored prison cell contributed to the same.

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His manager shared that he had to pull out of promoting his film Wanton Want due to paralysis issues that required immediate medical care. He was not able to “deep-seated medical problems and immense pain.” Apart from this, In the year 2021, allegations were made about the actor’s prescription fraud for a controlled substance. He was detained for using the wrong identity while trying to buy prescription drugs.

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