Las Vegas vape store owner Video

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The footage shows the 22-year-old proprietor of Smokestrom Smoke Shop on Sahara Avenue Suite in Las Vegas chatting with the two suspected thieves at his store. Nguyen was spotted escalating things and stabbing him with a razor-sharp blade. Soon after, Las Vegas police showed up to heist-related reports. The incident is currently being investigated.

Las Vegas Vape Store stabbing Full Video detail

as Per TMZ, Jonathan Nguyen began to worry at 3:25 p.m. when two individuals wearing ski masks went into his business. When he told them to go, one of them stole a tip jar, but he ignored it. Nguyen reportedly assaulted one of the men after they reportedly jumped the counter to steal more. He took the suspect’s hand and attacked him a minimum of seven times. He then told investigators that he was forced to act in self-defense. As per Las Vegas police, the suspected robber who was injured during the event was just 17 years old.

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Las Vegas owner viral Video

Violent crime in Las Vegas

As reported by the Nevada Independent, the Las Vegas vape store stabbing is the latest in a run of incidents in the state. While crime has decreased in many parts of Nevada, some have witnessed a rise in killings, attacks, and thefts since 2021.

Even if the Covid-19 shutdown reduced crime in 2020, violent crime has increased in various sections of the state since then.

As per Ernesto Lopez, a research expert with the Commission on Criminal Justice, such shifts might occur for a variety of causes. In a discussion with the Nevada Independent, he said that establishing convincing theories for social phenomena is extremely difficult.

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A jump in crime rates, on the other hand, may suggest a rise in overall law and order since it may imply that individuals are more willing to report crimes to the authorities.

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